Anybody know any good Human Anatomy books?

  1. Does anybody know any good human anatomy books that helps break things down in the most simplest form??
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  3. by   Cilantrophobe
    I know of a really great book but it is actually a workbook. It is this:

    It breaks the entire body down into the simplest form and even includes a lot of text that explains the various parts. And to top it off, it is a workbook so if you do the activities you are able to have a full visual picture in your head. I love this lab manual so much.
  4. by   ChanelCinq
    My professor allows us to use any book but swears by this one:

    I purchased Vango Notes for a combined Anatomy and Physiology book that was also by Martini. I was taking Physiology and it was a nice review in the car. The Vango Notes didn't match my text, which was a straight Physiology text, but they were still helpful and reinforcing.

    Anyway a lot of people like books by Martini.
  5. by   craziechiq
    i agree with above. thats the one we had and it was amazing.
  6. by   Imagine.Peace
    I used two "study" books in A&P1 and found them both very helpful: and Both broke down the material into very simple terms. They're especially helpful to use for reviewing before an exam!

    As far as textbooks go, my class used the Tortora book and I thought it was excellent. It read more like a regular book than a textbook, IMO. Here's a link to that book: It doesn't come with a CD but there's an awesome summary at the end of every chapter that breaks everything down. The end of the chapter study questions were also very helpful.

    Good luck!

  7. by   ChanelCinq
    I have used every single book that is posted in this thread. Previously I was at a quarter school and was taking Anatomy and Physiology combined so I used the Tortora text posted by the last person. I also used the Laboratory manual by Allan and Harper posted by the first poster. All are very good books.

    However if you are taking an Anatomy class you don't want the Physiology stuff. You want a straight Anatomy book and I would go with Martini.

    I prefer the mixed A&P classes but for straight Anatomy the Physio stuff is going to get in the way for the class.
  8. by   dreamon
    Thank you all for the recommendations.
  9. by   prmenrs