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I am a 29 year old student...who is looking for a career change. I have a Business background, but decided the field was not what I was looking for. I have some friends who are nurses...and they LOVE... Read More

  1. by   lisabeth
    I was scared to death of A&P when I started back after many years. I sat down, looked at my book a little and just started and I mean like a baby. I went ahead and got into it, and ended up loving every minutes of it. I think it was what confirmed that I was going in the right direction. Try to keep a positive attitude about the class and just give it all you have. Lots of memorizing is what it mostly is.

    Good Luck!!!
  2. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    ALL the information in A&P and Micro is very overwhelming, indeed, but like the previous posters said, pre-read ahead and you will do fine. I started school after graduating HS 19 years before, and I have just finished my last pre req and will apply to the program later on this month. It was terrifying to me, being a new student after so long, but even with a family including 4 kids and working full time the first year, I was able to make it. It just matters on your motivation and committment. This is a long time dream of mine that I put off for so long, but even so, I can see it becoming a dream come true!

    I loved A&P, because I have always been interested in the human body, and found that even with all the memorization, different aspects of it and the lab, it all came together so easily. Also, having some basic knowledge of the human body (which, when you think about it, we all do!!) makes it much easier. There are many great websites which help also. Our A&P website had links to various sites, and I used them all the time, especially for lab. I would print out various pictures to study and learn, so that helped a lot. If this is something that you really desire, nothing will be unreachable. Just commit yourself to your studying and you will be fine. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it though. Good luck~

  3. by   Mimi Wheeze
    I agree with nursekatie 22. With the anatomy part, as you know, it is pure memorization. I took it one body part at a time. For instance: learn the arm, memorize the arm, become one with the arm. THEN move to another part. For Physiology, I took my happy rear home everyday and RE-TYPED or re-wrote all of my notes from class. Also, I never read ahead (worked for me) but I did open the book to re-inforce and clarify what was taught in class. Don't freak out, just break it all down, be consistant, and never wait till the last minute to study. Also, take advantage of open labs to study the models. You'll will do great! Good luck!
  4. by   fiveofpeep
    Im a tad nervous because our teacher this year is brand new. I am unsure if its his/her first teaching gig or if shes just new to the school but I am sooooo worried he/she is going to have crappy tests and teaching skills. Ive got the jitters. I didnt earlier but now that its a week away Im worried.
  5. by   hikernurse
    Like everyone else, my advice is to stay on top of the class. The people who dropped out or failed mainly did so because they tried to cram for the tests or wing it . . . neither a good way to try to pass the class.

    I got an A, and loved the class, had a great teacher which helped, but I probably studied a couple of hours each day and made a ton of flash cards. But that way, I was ready for the tests (in class and lab) without having to spend extra time preparing for exams.

    You can do it!
  6. by   prinsessa
    A&P was one of my hardest and favorite classes. You have to remember to study every day! I studied at least an hour everyday. I got As in both I and II, but I studied my butt off. I would even put my notecards in front of me while doing the dishes. Try to read the chapter before the lecture because then you kind of have an idea what the teacher is talking about. I would read the chapter first and then rewrite the important parts right after lecture. Good luck!