Absn 24 month long vs absn 16 month long? Which is better

  1. The 24 month long one is 45k tuition and near where I live. I still live with my parents and can probably keep my job while working very little (my job is flexible).
    Or I can choose the other school where its further away. Housing is incredibly cheap and it is 16 month long. Tuitino is 55k. I would be done fast and can start working. I also am thinking about getting my FNP in the future. Which would you guys choose?
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    • Absn 16 month long

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  4. by   dream'n
    Living at home with no housing expenses? I'd go 24 months for that (and 10,000 dollars cheaper).
  5. by   studentbear
    Would you have to work if you moved? Either way, I'd probably go the stay with parents route because having expenses covered alleviates a lot of stress/is less to think about.
  6. by   nurse2bnoob101
    yeah you are right. Just a little longer to where I want to be. Might be too stressful
  7. by   Tajin
    I'd choose the 24 month program because you can still work and live with your parents.
  8. by   neogirl
    I did a 12 month ABSN and loved it! Challenging and intense but you learn alot and it is amazing to develop your skills so quickly!
  9. by   S7ud3n7_Nur53
    If you have the support and family to lean back on, I would personally choose the 24 month-long program. Unless you are so anxious and ready to get started that you might be unhappy "waiting" around to be an RN?