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  1. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    CCs that offer pre-req courses online?

    Pretty much all CCs here offer online pre-reqs, however I am not sure if you're allowed to enroll while living in another state. I would contact the admissions office
  2. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    Lonestar vs HCC?

    HCC has a pretty bad reputation as they were put on probation a couple years back for poor NCLEX pass rates.
  3. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    130k Student debt for Entry MSN worth it?

    That kind of debt would crush my soul... I would only consider it if I came out of it making a doctor or lawyer's salary.
  4. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    Texas BS Nursing Students!!!

    If you search this site, there is usually a forum for each school's current and past application cycles. People usually post their GPAs and whatnot there. For example if you search UThealth fall 2018, there will be a thread with all that info.
  5. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    Posting picture on social media

    Why take the risk?
  6. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    Did they ask for your GPA, yes or no?

    I am in Houston as well, I'm really not sure about the rest of the state but my peers are also applying to jobs in Dallas and Austin and having trouble there as well. I think with any healthcare profession, you might have an easier time finding jobs in the more rural areas of Texas rather than the big cities.
  7. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    Did they ask for your GPA, yes or no?

    I am in Texas and all the new grad programs in my area absolutely care about GPA. I am not graduated yet but my peers who are looking for jobs have not found jobs yet if they have below a 3.2. However, I live in a highly competitive area where you have to have a BSN to land one of these new grad residencies.
  8. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    Second degree BSN programs in Houston area

    It's full time but I've been managing to work 24 hours a week as a CNA with no issues. I plan to work all summer as a CNA and get an internship my final summer. I think many people in my class have similar plans.
  9. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    Second degree BSN programs in Houston area

    Texas Woman's has a two year program (summers off) in Houston geared towards those who have completed all prerequisites. I would estimate about half of my class has prior bachelor's.
  10. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    TWU Fall 2017 Nursing Applicants

    The TEAS is really the most important part in the admissions process. https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/twu-fall-2018-1129426-page4.html If you go to this thread, you'll see a response from the TWU admissions team. They link the spreadsheet (https://www.twu.edu/media/documents/nursing/GPA-WS.XLSX) you can fill out with all your info. It then assigns you a point value. Here are the stats for the Spring 2018 class: Houston (502 total applicants) Lowest admitted score: 44.1 Avg. GPA: 3.72 Avg. TEAS: 87.2%
  11. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    Question for BSN students

    One sad truth about life is that it isn't always fair. While her lack of punishment was not fair, you must accept that you did your part and wash your hands of this mess. Continue to practice academic honesty in your own life and forget about her and the other students who cheated. Chances are they won't pass the NCLEX anyways and will be dealt what they deserve some time in the future.
  12. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    What type of nurses work regular hours?

    Yeah, it definitely seems you need hospital experience (which includes 12 hr shifts and weekends, maybe nights too) before you can do much else. So OP might be a little sad to hear that haha. But yes, there seems to be tons of options once you get some experience.
  13. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    What type of nurses work regular hours?

    You are correct, they were not entry level positions. I haven't even started nursing school yet (I start in 2 weeks), these were just some postings I saw while browsing for CNA/Tech positions at some local hospitals.
  14. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    What type of nurses work regular hours?

    I saw some advertised PACU (post-anesthesia care unit) positions that were M-F.
  15. S7ud3n7_Nur53

    iPad Pro for lecture notes and studying?

    I love using an iPad for school purposes. Only thing to beware is that flash is not supported on the iPad. So if your school uses web-based ebooks or other flash-based learning tools, it might be more beneficial to look at laptops instead. You might want to look into the book options and learning tools at your school's program.