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I just need to vent... I know many, many have passed this before me but OMG! This is rough. We have our 1st Lab test tomorrow evening, covering everything so far this semester - 4 chapters worth.... Read More

  1. by   jeanttb
    how was a&pI harder than a&pII?
  2. by   AccelCNL
    Quote from jeanttb
    how was a&pI harder than a&pII?
    The reason why API is usually easier than APII is that the more complicated systems are left for the latter class. API usually encompasses the the various parts of the blood, bones, muscles, the integumentary system (the skin and it various layers), histology, and maybe some introduction to the respiratory or cardiovascular. Of course this depends on the program but the things I mentioned in the beginning are necessary for the more complicated systems. However,this is not to say that API is easy. There is a lot of memorization ....A LOT.
    However, APII tends to have the more complex systems. For example, the endocrine system is reall an alphabet soup of hormones and what they do and how they affect other systems. APII is really more complex than anything.
    However,success is possible.
    The thing is to do well in API because AP I is the foundation to it later counterpart.
  3. by   calledtodo
    I took those classes, (AP) with only 1 other class because those two classes alone took up my whole life. I got an A in part 1 and a B in part two. I didn't have a life back then when I took those classes. I don't even think I slept. Heck I can't even remember if I ate anything, lol. To do well in those classes you have to study 24-7. I would dream about Anatomy and physiology. I aimed for an A in both classes but I got burnt out after part 1. My teacher told me that those classes where like the golden wrapper from charlie and the chocolate factory, basically my way to get into nursing school over tons of other people, granted I did well with other parts of the application process. Anyway good luck!
  4. by   jeanttb
    what was that other class that you took your AP class with? I'm trying to juggle A&PI, Child Psych and Stats this semester.
  5. by   PacoUSA
    Damn, who dug this sucker out of the archives, the OP started this post in 2005 - she must be on her MSN now, LMAO!
    I'm like almost a week away from finishing A&P2 and I am DYING to finish already! Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed it thoroughly, but I took A&P1 and A&P2 as summer session classes and 6 weeks each. I don't know how I managed to do it all with a full time job and all, but somehow I am getting through it. What's funny is that I am finding A&P2 a bit more straightforward than A&P1 ... maybe I am getting used to it all, who knows? What I do know is that the professor makes a big difference and I am lucky to have an awesome professor who uses clear examples and helps you visualize things, especially when describing physiology because I know, reading that stuff on your own is a beeyoch!! It took me about 2 weeks (which in a summer session is really 4 weeks worth of work) to stop shaking when I heard the words "action potential" ... I know for some people flash cards are a godsend but they don't really work for everyone, I know I never wrote one .. I can't stand to put in the time to make them. By the grace of God I got an "A" in A&P1 and I am praying that I get another one in A&P2 ... maybe I just have a mind for this, dunno!

    Good luck to everyone, it's do-able! Put in the effort and you will shine!
  6. by   TJSbaby
    I just took A&P 1 and got an A. My class was online lecture with in person labs. I took notes by writing my own quizes as I read the chapter. For instance, "Explain how CSF moves through the brain?" I order the sequence of events BUT I would leave out bits of information and put blanks there. When I read it back, it forced me to memorize the information that was missing. I did alot of writing, but I was able to learn everything. I got an A on every quiz and test.
  7. by   mkach
    I was pressed for time when I took a and p and one thing I did was recorded notes and then listened to them on my mp3 player in the car and when walking. It supplemented my studing and helped.
  8. by   Amanda1985
    I got an A in both AP I and II.
    I would study a little everyday, take good notes, and record the lectures if you can.
  9. by   jeanttb

    I was the one who dug this out of the archive and quite frankly, I don't feel embarrassed because why bother starting a new thread if the there's already a chain of answers to the same question posted years ago.
  10. by   HumorHeals22
    Positive mental attitude! Don't doubt yourself, KNOW you can do it.

    I'm in a summer anatomy class right now, two more tests left and I'm getting an A in the class. I thought at first it's impossible to do this, but once you get rid of negative thoughts, and believe in yourself YOU CAN!

    Figure out a way that works for you; for me it's reading the chapters over and over and over. Then looking at the figures over and over. It's all repitition. Find your strategy and stick with it, but it starts with a PMA!
  11. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from jeanttb

    I was the one who dug this out of the archive and quite frankly, I don't feel embarrassed because why bother starting a new thread if the there's already a chain of answers to the same question posted years ago.
    Who said anything about feeling embarrassed?? ... it's actually quite interesting when old threads resurface, I know some of us get sick of seeing the same old ones at the top of the heap. And it would be nice to see what the OP is doing these days in the time since she started the thread.

    UPDATE: I was able to peek at the OP's last posts, her last one was in Oct 2008, she apparently became an LPN and got a job working in psych -- that is if anyone really cared to know, there it is
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  12. by   maija
    Am glad I am already done with my AP1 & 2 a year ago with the unexpected "A" for both. I was just lucky to excel every exam, and was exempt to take the final exam.

    Thanks Professor Thornton and classmates... we had fun in the class.
  13. by   dreamon
    Great links in the beginning of the thread! I will be using those.

    Glad to see the OP was successful in her endeavors.