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Just wanted to start a "club" for those of us who are taking A&P 1 this fall. My class is 16 weeks. I have lecture on M/W/F for one hour each day and lab on Tues for 3 hrs. My teacher... Read More

  1. by   tanner523
    What a great idea! How do you think you did? I have a practical on the tissues coming up and am nervous. I just emailed you with my email address, I would greatly apprecite it if you emailed me the images!
  2. by   smattles1of2
    No problem!

    I haven't had a quiz or practical over the tissues yet. He's a bit behind. We're having a quiz tonight on body landmarks and body planes and stuff like that.
  3. by   smattles1of2
    Tanner...I got your message but didn't see your email address. Can you send it again? Thanks!
  4. by   catzy5
    Quote from heartstart
    I also have a powerpoint presentation for the histology lab if any one needs it email to them. Just let me know

    oh I would love to see that as well can you email it to my regular address.

  5. by   heartstart
    catzy5 I will email it shortly
  6. by   joeyrr71
    Hi I;m Joeyt from Houston, TX. I'm taking A & P 1, for the fall @ HCC northeast-pinemont with Dr. Swartz, he is excellent. we dont need a book nor we take a final exam. he is very smart & makes everything so simple. we just have 150 pages of notes that we copy @ kinkos from him($6.00).
    lecture on monday and lab on wed. we dont need a lab book also!! he is awesome, and his teaching methods really sink in. thinking about taking A & P 2 and microbiology with him. I'm new to this forums.
  7. by   smattles1of2
    Heartstart...can you email me a copy too? Thank you soo much!

  8. by   heartstart
    Its done. Good luck
  9. by   catzy5
    Thanks both heartstart and Smattles.

    I have downloaded both powerpoint and flash cards great tools I really apprectiate you sharing.

    We have so much due on this subject it gets overwhelming we aren't covering this subject in lecture either so its all research on your own. I am enjoying it though all usefull stuff but seems overwhelming with all the projects due etc...

  10. by   PreNurseKirk
    Hello all, I am in A&P I at Eastfield in Mesquite, TX. We have our first tests (Lab & Lecture) next week. We are being tested on Tissue slides in lab. I took pics with my digi cam and have posted them on my website if anyone wants to take a look:


    ~ Bridget
  11. by   smattles1of2
    Those slides are awesome!! Thanks!
  12. by   PreNurseKirk
    Here are some PPT slides for the whole semester...they can be helpful no matter what book or prof you have!

  13. by   matsgrl
    prenursekirk, it says you have to be logged in ?