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Just wanted to start a "club" for those of us who are taking A&P 1 this fall. My class is 16 weeks. I have lecture on M/W/F for one hour each day and lab on Tues for 3 hrs. My teacher... Read More

  1. by   Cococure
    hey all,
    I too am taking A&PI this fall...Sat from 9-3:15pm (9-12 is lecture & 12:30-3:15 is lab) It's a long day but my teacher is GREAT and i have soooo much reading/studying to do already...well i'm up for the challenge

    good luck to all
  2. by   PsychGrad2BRN
    Hi, I saw this thread and thought I'd join. I'm taking A&P I at Gateway CC this semester, on Saturdays from 8 am - 2 pm. I hate getting up so early on a Saturday but at least it's all done in one shot.

    There are four exams, four lab practicals, and ten lab reports due. So far it seems that the course involves a lot of memorization. Maybe I'll use flash cards to study. The instructor highly recommended the textbook, but he said to use it "as a reference." He emphasized that the exam material would come from the lecture notes, which he posts online.

    What are some of the study techniques people use for this course? Any suggestions would be helpful.

  3. by   matsgrl
    Hi Melody

    I know this is probably unusual but I study while my dryer is going and when it buzzes (45-60 min), I take a 10 minute break and throw in another load, lol!!

    I can easily do 2 loads of laundry a day here and it seems to break it up some. I sit in my kitchen away from everyone (but close enough if needed) and my laundry room is off the kitchen so I hear the buzzer go off.
  4. by   coonkine
    I've already said how my A&P Lecture is graded. Here is how my lab is graded:
    AIA/Integrate/InClass 14 x 5 = 70
    Quizzes 3 x 15 = 45
    Lab Tests 3 x 100 = 300
    Writing Assignments 2 x 15 = 30
    Review Paper 1 x 25 = 25
    Total points 470
    A = 405-450
    B = 360-404
    C = 315-359
    So I hope I can do good in lab. We have a 20 point "cushion." I've studied every day for both lab and lecture. I think I'm getting a good handle on it. We have a quiz this Wed plus some homework and reading. Luckily, I don't have to work much (only 10 hours on the weekend, easy work...if I ever think that's too much, I could get by without working at all) so I have a lot of time to study when I need to.

    heartstart, I'm a guy too so I know what you mean. But luckily I've already met a few other male nursing majors and started our own study group. But anyways, I gotta go do some homework for English (can't focus everything on A&P!):wink2:
  5. by   MB37
    My class is entirely online, which was the only class I could get into. The same teacher has a lecture section as well, at 8:30 Tuesday mornings, and I initially thought I'd probably attend at least most of those (he doesn't mind if we online people do that). However, all of his lectures are downloadable online. He had them videotaped last year. Once I listened to the first hour long lecture and it took me three hours to get through it (stop, rewind, take notes, etc. ) I decided not to bother going to the live lecture - I can't write that fast! He has powerpoint notes online too, but I have to actually write things down to learn. I'm way ahead of where I'm supposed to be, but since I work almost full time I thought I'd get ahead while I could. Our class has no homework whatsoever, just 4 regular exams and a comprehensive final. We just have to keep ourselves on track. Good luck!
  6. by   matsgrl
    woohoo!! I got a 103% on first lab test!! I got all possible questions/extra credit right!
  7. by   AggieQT
    Good Job Matsgrl!!!! Keep it up!!!!
  8. by   heartstart
    congrats matsgrl. I have a quiz on thursday in lecture and a quiz on friday in lab. I think I am ready for but I will see. I will give an update monday. Coonkine that is a funny way to grade but I guess all teachers are the same good luck on on future test
  9. by   RNin2009
    I am also taking A & P1 and so far it's been good.

    I am 3 chapters ahead of the class and I intend to always stay ahead.

    I wish you all luck. :-)
  10. by   bean_7182004
    Just had my first day of school today. A&P first thing in the morning.... I think it should be ok. I can't get my book until a week from tomorrow so that makes me nervous.:uhoh21: But i don't think i'll fall too far behind since we don't have to bring our books to class and i can probably find the answers to the objective questions our prof. sent with us on line and stuff. I don't have lab until monday but i'm rather nervous about it. I've never had a lab class before.
    Well good luck to everyone.
  11. by   occc2010rn

    My classes started last week and they did not have my A&P until friday.....
  12. by   swedgirl65
    I am also in A & P 1, this semester..we just had our first exam on Wed, my classes are Monday and Wed, lecture and lab in the same class. Good luck to everyone this semester..
  13. by   occc2010rn
    I took my first quiz in A&P Lab...I got a solid B. We will have a quiz every Friday and I will get an A on the next one!!!!