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Just wanted to start a "club" for those of us who are taking A&P 1 this fall. My class is 16 weeks. I have lecture on M/W/F for one hour each day and lab on Tues for 3 hrs. My teacher... Read More

  1. by   coonkine
    Today was my first day (second day at college). I'm a freshmen and just started college. I've already been accepted into the nursing program as long as I don't mess up. I go to AP Tues/Thur with Lab on Wed. I already know this is going to be my hardest class. We had to go buy our notes at an office max for like $15. The teacher seems nice/funny. We have four exams and the final exam. He drops the lowest exam, so it's 60% exams and 40% final. He says the exams are 85% of his notes (100% on final) and 15% from this book called A&P Clinical Applications, which is really good for pre-health majors (like nursing). We only have to bring our notes (not our book, which is used for an extra credit crossword puzzle) which is 135 pg. Oh yeah, he has all of his notes, study guides, lectures, power point, etc., all on his webpage. I know I'm going to be studying big time for this class because I want all A's (hopefully, for CRNA school one day). I hope I do well.

    PS I think my classes balance out. I have English before this. The teacher is a young, seems-easy grad student. We had to wait outside because the door was locked. He was late 10min and because he didn't have the key, he said he'll see us on Thursday and that was it. Cool.
  2. by   Cherish
    Hey everyone, I'm taking AP I and Gen. Biology I this semester. At my school we don't have to do a bio class before you can go to AP. My times are fri. 6-9pm and Sat. 8am-12pm. We already have a test on friday and Ive only been 4 times. The teacher is pretty cool. She wants us to do well and shes an actual MD!!! So she knows her stuff. Hope everyone does well this semester.
  3. by   live4rachael
    My first class was last Monday so yesterday was our 3rd class meeting. Lecture is M/W 6-7:30 pm and the lab is M 7:30-10:30 pm and we stayed the whole time. We had our first quiz last night and I'm on track (so far). We shall see as time progresses though!

    That's the only class I'm taking this semester as I only have A&P II and Micro to go before I can apply for the program I want.
  4. by   cozzy66
    My first class is this Friday (5.30-8.15) and then on Saturday (9-12), so I'm really excited. I had a lot of difficulty in getting this specific section, so I'm boucning off the walls right now
    I dont' think it should be toooooo difficult, since I helped my bf study for his A&P med school class last spring. Know a lot about the back and arms/hands.
    Anyone in BMCC (in NYC) for this class??
  5. by   SuccessSW
    Add me to the club. My lecture is T/Th and my lab is on Tuesday evenings after lecture. I really, really want to get an "A" (don't we all ) and the added bonus is that if I ace all the exams, I don't have to take the final!!

    Good luck everyone!
  6. by   flo2007
    Hi! My classes start the 6th of Sept. My school switched from A&P I/II to Anatomy first, then Physiology along with A&P lab the following semester. Maybe this will make more sense than the previous way they did things...we'll see. I have a few friends who have already taken it. They did quite well, so hopefully we all do the same!
  7. by   TeeRN2Be
    Count me in to the group. I have lecture on Tuesdays 7-10PM and lab on Thursdays 7-10PM. Good luck everyone!
  8. by   so_buggie
    I am also taking A&P this semester. It's only my second week and i am so overwhelmed with this. I am reading the books and looking at the diagrams (trying to fill them out) and its just not working. I dont understand. I signed up for a tutor and im going to ask people in my class if they want to form a study group. Does anyone know any good websites that explains this really well? Good luck to all of those whose taking A&P!! :studyowl:
  9. by   AggieQT
    I am (unfortunatly) retaking A&P I this fall... I made an 89.4 the first time around... to be soooo close to an A and not get it kills me... oh well its my fault, I guess had I put in maybe 2 more hours of study time I could have gotten what I needed for an A...

    I just want to wish everyone good luck this semester!!! A&P can be tough but as long as you devote an hour every day of the week to reading/studying then you should do just fine!!!
  10. by   AggieQT
    Oh and this is my profs webpage... She has many links and practice quizzes and lots and lots of pics... She also has links to other websites...

    Check it out... it might help!!!

  11. by   matsgrl
    Wow, hi everyone!!

    Sobuggie - is it possible you talk to your teacher and see what they recommend? There is a post on this very forum about helpful links - check them out. I'd say to focus on what your teacher is lecturing about.
  12. by   matsgrl
    WOW thanks for the link Jezziemis!!
  13. by   AggieQT
    no problem... be sure you check out the animations and tutorials... also if you go to the schedule and weekly activities link there are some AWESOME study tools and chapter outlines... she made these chapter outlines from two books (Marieb and Tortora)