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  1. Background: I've been a peds nurse for almost 6 years and am incredibly passionate about it. I have recently started my MSN program in Nursing Education. I was just assigned a clinical rotation to teach two different lectures to the undergraduate ped...
  2. Accelerated BSN - How to get experience during program

    Yep, I went to MUSC, worked as a tech through school, and got hired on the same unit (which was my hope all along). Peds Sub-specialty unit (heme/onc, liver/kidney transplant, and diabetes).
  3. Just curious... what things would you want to change at your hospital for either you or your patients? Or, what things would you tell your administrator that you LOVE about your hospital? I'm a new grad RN. Just want to know what the more seasoned R...
  4. Where should I live? West Ashley or Summerville?

    Totally depends if you have school aged kids and where you're working. School age kids? Working at Trident? Summerville for sure. Working at MUSC? No kids? West Ashley. I have a child and work at MUSC and make the commute from Summerville strictly...
  5. MUSC Accelerated BSN

    I commuted from Summerville all 4 semesters and now continue to commute from here for work at MUSC. As a student though I paid for a parking space and now I just park in Hagood. For 8 am classes I was able to leave at 6:45 and make it in time. For 7 ...
  6. Anyone okay with just being a nurse?

    I hear you completely. I have an BA from 2000 and then started working on my MA in HRM before I changed my mind. Being in a program that highly encouraged us to go on towards a DNP, I heard "just a nurse" a ton and I'm perfectly okay with it. Eventu...
  7. Do you donate blood?

    I give as soon as I am eligible and have for about 3 years. Nothing related to nursing school. I got tattoos a year ago but our state is completely legit so I was able to keep giving. DH and I both do this.
  8. Is There Any Rn Positions in Charleston??

    Yes, those are the big hospitals. There is also East Cooper as well. I just graduated and started a position at MUSC. There are currently a few RN I positions posted at MUSC, and I have heard from classmates that Trident only looked at application...
  9. Did/does Anyone Work while doing ABSN?

    It's totally worth it. Our ABSN program is 16 months and I've managed it married, with a 2 year old, and a part-time job as a tech (20 hrs/wk). Not easy, but worth it. :)
  10. MUSC Accelerated BSN

    I'll be ready to sell my uniform tops any time after next Wednesday. :) I have 2 lab jackets (1 small, 1 medium) and 2 tops (both medium). I'd sell all 4 for $30. (You can wear whatever white pants you want.)
  11. Thoughts on Accelerated BSN programs?

    I'm about to graduate from one while being married, with a 2 1/2 year old, and working 20 hours a week as a student tech. Definitely hasn't been easy but well worth it.
  12. MUSC Accelerated BSN

    40 spots? I can't IMAGINE they're cutting slots (which have been at 60). All we hear about is how they don't have $$$...
  13. MUSC Accelerated BSN

    Experience could technically fall under essay, recommendations, and resume. So although it doesn't have an exclusive category, it comes into play.
  14. Accelerated BSN - How to get experience during program

    I'm in an ABSN program right now and also working 20 hours/week as a student tech. It hasn't been easy but I have a great spouse who is very supportive (and also sees the goal in May), and I also gave up the dream of the 4.0. The experience is inva...
  15. 89.90! 1 tenth from an A :(

    Try getting a 94.4 and that still not being an A. It would be nice if everything was standardized. Any other school and I'd have a 4.0 right now. But I finally got over it after I came to the realization that a nurse manager isn't going to pic...