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I have been wait-listed for the Spring 2007 semester, but instead will enter the Summer of 2007. Not that big of a deal, and in fact, I was expecting this. However, I need to maintain half-time... Read More

  1. by   BBQvegan
    I am really excited about taking a Bioethics course in the spring. I have no idea how fun it will be, and I doubt it will be easy. It focuses on issues and controversy dealing with stem cells, abortion, genetic engineering -- all that stuff. It's within the Philosophy dept. I also plan to take a Health Psychology course that looks at behavior relating to illness, maintenance of health, etc. These are extras I have added on to the prof nursing program, so I am not sure if I will stick with them. They sound very interesting and I hope that I have the time and brain power to do them, succeed, and learn something. Of course, I can drop them if I realize I have taken on too much. Anyway, just some ideas I threw out there for you! If I had the time, I would take more chemistry, math, physics, etc. And next fall, I am hoping to be able to take a MWF 8am Neurology course from my favorite teacher I have for Patho right now. There is so much to learn!
  2. by   catzy5
    Quote from TexasAngel
    I fully intend on taking Spanish if I dont get in the program for next Spring. If I do, I will probably take it after I get through. I was volunteering last Thursday on the OB floor and a mother needed something. Luckily the volunteer that is working with me for a while knew a little. That was enough to convince me. I will learn enough to communicate with a patient who needs help.

    I live in southern ca every hospital setting I have been too and nearly all adds, "bilingual" prefered. I don't speak spanish at all I took French for years I come from the northeast where french speaking canada is our boardering country how I ended up down hear who knows hehehee. I would be happy to take spanish but can't fit it in now if they offer a summer online I would do that. What I would really really love to see though is a "medical" spanish course for health care workers so we could communicate better.
  3. by   KungFuFtr
    I took:
    First Aid and CPR 101
    Bio of human disease A trimmed down version of micro for nonbio students. Go to class and get an A. Our last test had a t/f question: HIV is spread by waterfountains, handshakes fomites such as tissues.
    Intro to athletic training and sports medicine. This class was cool. We learned about all sorts of sports injuries and 1 lab hour a week was used to learn and practice wraps for turf toe, plantar faciitis, patellar tendonitis, splints and slings.

    Before I was excepted I planned on easy yet practical classes: medical terminolgy and phlebotomy.