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Hi All! I peeked and didn't see a thread for those of us brave souls attempting micro this summer so I thought I would just start one! :spin: My class starts July 2nd, but I'm already getting a... Read More

  1. by   MelanyJ
    Quote from butterfly82
    Hi guys, wow i haven't been here in a while. the summer semester has been crazy to say the least. However to give a quick update the last test i took last week i got a 91, an the lab quiz I got a 93. So, so far so good. . I only have about 3 weeks of class left so wish me luck guys. I wish you all the best of luck.

    WOW you're doing great butterfly82! i hope that my test scores turn out so well!!!!! =) i will keep you in my prayers! :spin:
  2. by   pdmech73
    I just finished my last day of microbiology yesterday. Man.... was it intense or what. Monday-Thursday from 7:30am-11:30am of lecture & lab. 6 week summer class and came out with an A. glad it's over. I feel that I can tackle on any class now.

    -Paul :-)
  3. by   samclaug
    Okay Im tired and sooo burnt out all I want to do is sleep. However I have my final in lab Tuesday and lecture final Thursday. As well as two more medical terminolgy exams and a presentation next week. I think next Friday when its all over all I am goiing to do is sleep.. THen I have like 28 days to rest and get me house cleaned back up (its destroyed from this summer session thing) and then I will start first semester of nursing school and be exhausted with no life again!
    The fun of it all!!!!:smackingf
    Good Luck to everybody
  4. by   JaxiaKiley
    Woo! I got both of my unknowns right
  5. by   fiveofpeep
    I finished yesterday with a 102% yipee. I am definately burnt out! Congrats to everyone else who made it too
  6. by   2bnurseforce1
    Well I guys. I just finished my fourth test in lecture and got an 88. I started unknowns in lab on thursday, and I have one quiz and a practical left in Lab. Wish me luck. Good luck and Congrads all that have finished.
  7. by   2bnurseforce1
    Quote from maggiofliore
    I finished yesterday with a 102% yipee. I am definately burnt out! Congrats to everyone else who made it too
    Congrads that is awesome.
  8. by   MelanyJ
    UPDATE!!! I got a 93% on my test last week! YIPPY! Not much time to celebrate though... test 2 is in 4 days! YIKES!!
  9. by   mindwise1
    Hi, I just completed Microbiology this spring. You will do just fine in it.
  10. by   evbella
    Congrats to all of us survivors of Micro!!!!! Personally, I didn't like the class at all- half my class is failing. I have my lecture final tonight- hopefully I get an A, but it's nice to know that since all my other test scores were good that I don't need it- just want it, so no major pressure here.
    I feel so bad for those in my class that really do need it.

    Anyway- again congrats to everyone who just finished & passed and best of luck to everyone else!!!!
  11. by   claudesnb
    Quote from Logos
    I start Tuesday- T&H 6p-10:20p from now until July 27th.
    My book was $237!!!!!!! I am not looking forward to this, I took bio last summer and got an A, and did A&P I & II got an A in both- but for some reason micro is frightening me. I am not good with a microscope- I can never get the darn thing focused right. Yes add me to the FT job and multiple kids list. So needless to say my summer does not involve a vacation this year.

    Hey I know how you feel about the microscope. I'm in Micro and I was terrified of the microscope but all you need is for someone to show you a couple of times and you'll get it. It takes practice though. Good Luck
  12. by   kirs
    I have two more weeks. Uuuugh.... this is draining. The class started with 46 people, and we are down to 17. Everyone I have talked to, before this summer, said this class wasn't too bad, however, they had a different teacher.

    There are so many people failing and dropping this summer! I'm convinced our teacher thinks she is teaching at MIT or something. I'd be happy to just get a B at this point.
  13. by   samclaug
    Well I finished up this week and got a 96 on lab final and 94 in lecture final so I actually got an A in the class! So excited, its great to say I got an A in MICROBIOLOGY. At the beggining of the semester I was terrified just saying the word microbiology and now the crazy thing is that as burnt out as I am this was probably my favorite class that I have taken so far.
    Good luck to those still plugging away!! I know have about a month until I start actual nursing program.