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i borrowed the information below from the a&p 1 fall club.(hope no one minds) i thought that it would be helpful to those of us taking a&p 1 this winter/spring semester. hopefully there will be... Read More

  1. by   Golden_Clover
    Quote from miranda819
    I agree, it is a full class load. But I thought I could deal with it, as I'm a stay at home mom and all three of my kids are off to school (4th, 2nd, pre-k).

    I am holding on by me teeth to this class. It just gets me so angry when I know this stuff. I study so hard. The tests are all online and timed. The time limit is set up so we cannot cheat by looking at our notes or book. This last test was so involved (over labs 1, 2, and 3) that I did not even have enough time to finish it!

    I think I may email my fellow students in the course and see if they have any inside tips to help me with these tests. It can't hurt!

    Thanks for all the support. I really need it today!

    And again, congratulations on those high grades!

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions at all. What are you studying now?
  2. by   newcareer45
    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to all this. I have been a CNA a year and really want to go into nursing. I already have an AS just trying to find out what courses I need to take.

  3. by   newcareer45
    Who are you taking the on-line courses with? Don't give up you can do this.

  4. by   nursemelani
    Quote from miranda819
    Need advice!! I'm thinking about dropping A & P!!!!

    I'm so worried about my grades. This online class is extremely hard. I feel like I prepare so much, and I still do horrible!!!

    For the lecture part, I made a 78 on test 1; 96, 61, and 69 on quizzes. For lab I made a 61 on test 1; and 95, 83, and 60 on the quizzes. I've had 6 lab worksheets that I've made 99s and 100s on. Since this class is online, there are no actual labs to attend.

    My first lab exam was today and it crushed me to score a 61 on it! Maybe this class is just too hard for me online?

    Congratulations to all those of you making it in A & P. I'm trying my hardest to join you there.

    So, what is everyone's thought...drop and try again with a lighter class load (taking Algebra, Nutrition, and History 2 on top of A&P), or stick it out and try to pass???? HELP, I need serious advice!



    Hi Miranda-
    My Anatomy Lecture is on line too. I think it is harder when you don't get to hear the lecture. That is a pretty heavy load you are taking, especially if you are trying to work and/or raise kids. I wouldn't blame you for dropping at least one of those classes.
  5. by   miranda819
    I think I am starting to realize that I need to drop this class and take it next fall on campus. Dr. Cecilia V. Gonzales at Palo Alto College in San Antonio, TX is my professor right now, and she doesn't seem very encouraging . My other classes are starting to suffer and espically my family. My kids ask me every day if I have a lot of homework that day.

    I emailed everyone in my class, and the ones that repilied are all in the same boat. It seems, at least for me, that I should take this one on campus. I'm not expecting it to be easier on campus, but at least I would have more contact with my professor.

    I feel so confused about dropping or just hanging on. I feel like I'm quitting, and I don't quit, period. Is a do-over considered quitting? I've never dropped a class before, so I don't even know what I need to do. I was reading in my school catalog and it said that since it is after a certain date, I will need to get approval from my professor to drop the class. Is this the way to go? I plan on making a final decision by Monday.

    Thanks for the encouragement. All the great grades are giving me hope that this class is do-able, but just maybe not online for me.

  6. by   missninaRN
    Quote from kgkarma
    Great! Got any ideas you'd like to pass along on how you memorized all of that STUFF.
    I made up stories and jingles for them. I make up one jingle to memorize the names of the muscles, using the first letter of each. Once I have the names memorized, I start working on the O & I's for each muscle by making up a story. Again, I use the first letter of each important word, or sometimes I get an idea for a story because one of the muscles names sounds like something else. Like supraspinatous: reminded me of a spaceship (I don't know why). Well, spaceships make me think of alien abduction and anal probes. So, I remembered it's origin was posterior surface of the scapula because the anal probe would go in your posterior. The insertion-greater tuberculeof the humerus-because they used a big tube for the probe. And action-abducts the arm-because of alien abduction.
    I found that the weirder or more obscene the story, the easier it was to remember it.
    Then, I would write it all out, with the name of the muscle, its origin, insertion, and action on the left side of the page, one on each line, and the corresponding parts of the story on the right. First, I would cover the right side, and by looking at the O & I, tell the story until I could do it by memory. Then I would cover up the left side, and just by looking at the story on the right side, I would recite the O & I. That page kind of became my own giant flashcard, and I carried it with me everywhere, looked at it during red lights, while waiting at the pharmacy, etc.
    I also bought an Anatomy & Physiology coloring book, and used it for each muscle I was learning, while also thinking about where the muscle was located on my own body. I also used my dog, pointing to each origin and insertion as I named them. She loved the attention.
    When I finally got to the point where I could recite the O & I while pointing or thinking about the places on my own body, I knew I was ready to recite it to the prof.
    One of the students in my class also used the coloring books, but made a photocopy for each muscle, colored the individual muscle, and glued it onto her flashcard. I thought that was a really clever idea.
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  7. by   missninaRN
    Quote from miranda819
    Is a do-over considered quitting?
    No, I don't think a do-over is quitting. You have to do what is best for you and your family. I don't think I could handle A & P online.

    Best of luck to you.

  8. by   miranda819
    Can anyone from San Antonio recommend a good A & P teacher for next semester? Dr. Gonzales will withdraw me from the class tomorrow first thing. Next go around I'm going to take this class on campus, any suggestion on who to take?

    Thanks eveyone for your support. I wish everyone the best of luck and tons and tons of As!

  9. by   cmp06
    I go to SAC and am taking Prof. Torres...and absolutely love him.. There's a lot of memorization, but he gives you everything you need to know and tells you what he's looking for. A couple of my other friends are taking Hansen (sp) and are enjoying him as well. Fardel is hard but I've been told is quite good....just my thoughts though.

    -- Carrie
  10. by   deannicholas

    My Prof told us all exactly when we could drop without a W, with a W, and about how you shoudl definately drop the course rather than get a bad grade and then retake the course. A W on your transcripts doesnt affect your GPA and is much better than a bad grade and taking the class again.

  11. by   Keely-FutureRN
    Does anyone know any good sites that explain the nervous system (not listed in this first post?) I'm going crazy! AHHHHHH! Thanks.

  12. by   stpauligirl
    Quote from miranda819
    Can anyone from San Antonio recommend a good A & P teacher for next semester? Dr. Gonzales will withdraw me from the class tomorrow first thing. Next go around I'm going to take this class on campus, any suggestion on who to take?

    Thanks eveyone for your support. I wish everyone the best of luck and tons and tons of As!

    Whatever you do, don't take Dr. Garcia......I plan to take Hansen for A&P2 in the fall, the girl next to me in my micro class is taken him right now for A&P1 and loves him. Some of the other student's that are repeating A&P1 and were in my class with Garcia and dropped out are taking Robinson and love him, too. Some others are taking Davenport and like him also.
    Good luck.
  13. by   laurawho7
    I got my first test back today. I got a 98%! WooHoo! This is going on the fridge!:hatparty:

    The professor told us what we could expect for a test, multiple choice, short essay and long essay. I made up "practice" tests and did them over and over again till I had all the information memorized and could reasonably write a long essay. I'm glad all my hard work paid off! I was really nervous with this being the first test (of 4). Thankfully they aren't cumilitive! Next up is the bones and integumentary system. I'm sure I'll be here looking for help to memorize the bones!

    Thanks everyone for this great site and all the help you provide! I'm so glad I found you all! I tell all my classmates to go here and get help!