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Pre-Nursing student going overboard


Hi everyone i am a pre- nursing student almost done with my pre requisites by next semester. i plan on applying to the nursing program in my school but it is only for an associates degree in applied science. I want to go straight to achieve my BSN. It is very stressful to know that i may not have enough time to get into the fall 2011 program in the schools i am applying because they all have different requirements. For example In one university i have to take the TEAS( which i would really appreciate comments on the difficulty on that test) in another college i have to take the HESI and for the cuny schools i am taking the NLN next semester. So basically i will take three different test to apply for the same program. Plus some of the schools have a couple of different requirement classes like philosophy, organic and bio chemistry, political science, patho-physiology. i am so stressed with the application and i would really like some outside advice on the exams and definitely the schools you are attending and why. I would also like to know if your application was as difficult if so what am i doing wrong? thanks so much for your help.:confused:

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I would also like to know if your application was as difficult if so what am i doing wrong? thanks so much for your help.:confused:

It looks like you are investigating different degree options and contacting schools to find out the application requirements. Further, you are researching the different entrance tests.

Looks like you are doing everything right, although you might want to focus your goals a bit. If I were you, I would figure out what my first choice is and make a solid plan on how to get in to that school. After that plan is in place (not complete), work on your second and third choices or options.

If you try to work on all your options at once you may feel like you are spinning your wheels and not getting any of it accomplished.

Good luck with your tests, I am taking the HESI November 29th.

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Just look at the added requirements as just that, requirements. Approach them one at a time and get your applications in. Nobody said you had to do all of them at once. Maybe you can stagger them as you find out your results or for those schools that have spring admissions. Good luck.

I am having a similar experience. Every nursing school that I look at has completely different requirements, and I'm only one person. I can't take 18 pre-reqs in a year. I just can't. I have had to focus it down to two schools that I liked the best, and for which I had the most pre-reqs completed, and then focus ALL my energy into doing well for those two schools, rather than doing a half-hearted job of pre-reqs for more schools. Good luck!

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You aren't doing anything wrong, it's just how school work. When I started, I found out what each program required and went with the one that needed the least amount of pre-reqs. I did not get into my first choice, so I went with my second one.

The second school required 4 additional classes and my CNA certification. These added a year to my overall graduation plan. I would do something similar if I were you. Start with the school that requires the least amount of pre-reqs and then if you don't get in, expand your net.

Good luck!!

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Jae1234... what book are you using to study for the hesi.. is it difficult ? What nursing program are you applying to?

It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong -- actually it sounds like you're doing the right thing by figuring out all of the application requirements in advance instead of waiting until the last second. Like you, I noticed that all the schools I wanted to apply to had different requirements, different tests, and even different prerequisites. Some have prereqs that you HAVE to take at their college, etc. etc. It gets a little ridiculous. Pick your first choice or two and really make sure you have everything set to go with those. Don't overdo, or you might end up with several mediocre apps.

Also, I took the HESI and got a 94. I tried to do some studying and even bought the Barron's Guide to nursing entrance exams, but it was NOTHING like the HESI. Know your basic math, practice reading comprehension, and review your A&P, especially if it's been a little while since you've taken them. If you have a handle on your basic skills you should really be fine. There is also a personality part to this test which shows your school what kind of learner & worker you are.

Good Luck. I never heard of the HESI. I have heard of the NLN. My school(CUNY) has changed from the NLN to the Kaplan. Most CUNY's should be changing.