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Pre-aceptance to Nursing program? do they exists? how to?

I am finishing up my last prerequisite classes this summer. and i am going to apply for the nursing program in my college soon! Please, God help me!! lol

I know for students who attend some of the private nursing schools, they just go straight from pre-nursing to nursing program with no nursing entrance test and whatnot. Im just wondering how people get accepted in nursing programs and yet theyre taking nursing prerequisite classes. I even have classmates in a few of my prereqs classes that say that they have been accepted already and theyre sitting with me in a pre-nursing class, and specially in my college, which is public and very affordable therefore, getting in the program is really competitive. I even had classmates who were doctors in other countries going to school to become nurses and had no special treatment and had to apply properly like every other regular students.

So, basically im asking how do people get pre-accepted or whatever you call it. how do you secure your own reserved spot in the program even though youre still in pre-nursing? because honestly i envy those people. lol

There are a couple options:

1) Freshman entry programs - You are accepted into the nursing program as a freshman as long as you get a certain GPA, you will continue into the nursing program

2) Early acceptance - Most schools allow you to have a few pre-reqs outstanding prior to entry. So you could be accepted for an upcoming semester but you still need to finish your pre-reqs and get acceptable grades in them.

I live in North Carolina, and most colleges (especially large, public colleges) will have you take a pre-nursing track. At the end of your sophomore year, a student can apply to the nursing school at that college, but it can be risky because there is a limited number of spots in the nursing program. I didn't like this system, so I looked for other schools that had an automatic "in" to the nursing program. The university I will be attending in the fall allowed me to be nursing major as a freshman. I'm already into the program and don't have to apply later. It's a great sense of security. I just need to complete a few general education classes and by sophomore year, I will begin taking nursing classes. Private universities, as I can tell through my college researching, visiting, etc, are more keen on automatic "ins" to the nursing track, while public universities would rather have students apply at the end of sophomore year and in order to evaluate your academic performance so far.


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You don't necessarily have to have all prereqs done to apply to nursing school - programs know people want a seamless transition to NS, so there's usually an allowance of some outstanding hours that people take after acceptance. For instance, I'm starting NS this month, but I'm in school this summer taking statistics.


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The school I'm going to requires you to complete a certain amount of course before you can apply to the clinical part of the nursing program. But there are some non-nursing courses that you can take while in the program (like "co-requisites"). So while I am waiting to start, I am taking those courses to have them out of the way. Perhaps some people are in that situation?


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