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  1. Finished my cna course just

    It wasn't overly difficult, but it was hard and definitely nerve-wracking! The written portion was mostly common sense. I was luckily one of the first to do the skills portion. The five skills I had were handwashing, counting respirations, ROM for kn...
  2. Finished my cna course just

    Best of luck to you! I take my CNA exam on the 14th of August! So nervous
  3. Finished NA class

    My last day of clinicals was today as well! Man, I am sure exhausted! I got an A in the class overall. Congrats on your 98.8 percent Now time for the state exam! Best of luck to you!
  4. I live in North Carolina, and most colleges (especially large, public colleges) will have you take a pre-nursing track. At the end of your sophomore year, a student can apply to the nursing school at that college, but it can be risky because there is...