Prayers for Dr. Deibel,Jr.

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I'm very sorry to hear about Dr. Deibel and his family and friends have my sincere sympathy. It's very tragic to lose such a caring doctor. You have my prayers and I'm sorry for your personal loss.

With Love,


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Will remember these hero's in my prayers.


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Please add my prayers for this family (and all those involved). I had not heard about this. It is so tragic but use it as a reminder that we never know when we will go so be PREPARED!! Please let this family know that there are prayers being sent up for them from all over. It is so nice that we have the ability to use this site for so many things and one of them is to comfort those who are hurting. I pray this family finds comfort during this sad and difficult time. Thank you for telling us about a special doctor.


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My sincere heartfelt prayers go out to his family for peace, comfort, strength and healing. He sounds like a magnificent human being who will be sorely missed. God Bless

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God Bless.....Thankyou for sharing. I had no idea...

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