Prayers for Dr. Deibel,Jr.


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Please, pray for Dr. Deibel,Jr.'s family. Especially his father, Dr. Deibel,Sr.,his mother, his wife,and his 3 young sons. We buried a great doctor, friend and co-worker today. He was truly a great example of how to "Love One Another". Though I only knew him for a short time, he left heartprints on my life. He always smiled and said "hello". He asked how I was doing and stopped to listen for the response. He had a pleasant attitude even at 3 am. He was respectful towards me and my/his pts. He will be remembered and I pray that his example of living will be engrained in all the people he touched. He died doing just what we expected him to do, helping another. What a great example of love!


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Just wanted to add that I'm NOT trying to start a religious topic here. I just wanted to pay tribute to a great OB/GYN who was tragically taken from this earth. And to let everyone know that there are good doctors out there to work with. Too bad that we only recognize them when they are gone. Maybe we should take the time to recognize them while they are still with us.


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I saw this on the news last night, from Atlanta. An Atlanta firefighter who was also assisting was hit by the 18 wheeler and had multiple fxs of one of his legs. His wife witnessed the death of your Doc and another man.

It sounds as though your Doc was doing exactly what his profession, the public, and we, would have expected him to do:

"Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friend." How much greater love than laying down your life to assist a stranger! May God bless his family, and all who are feeling the loss of this caring Physician.


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Not to sound dumb or disrespectful, and I of course will pray for anyone who asks, but what the heck happened??? How did this poor man die???


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My heart and prayers go out to this wonderful man and his family.

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Originally posted by keeshababe

My heart and prayers go out to this wonderful man and his family.

DITTO TO THAT! Consider it done, mickeymom. :kiss

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My prayers to you MickeyMom and to Dr. Diebel's family. I know how hard it is to lose someone we have so much respect for and that added so much to our lives and to the lives of others.


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Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! I agree with you Cathy about your quote! They even focused on that commandment during his service. He truly loved all. He showed it whenever I worked with him.

For those who haven't heard the news....He died helping a newlywed couple who's pick up truck overturned in the rain on the turnpike(Florida). He was among a total of 6 people who were helping this couple. As they were helping this couple, a semi truck lost control of his truck (reason unknown) and crashed into the entire party. Dr.Deibel,Jr. and an off-duty firefighter from my end of town were killed on the scene. The other 4 rescuers which also included other off-duty firefighters/paramedics were also injured. The truck driver was not hurt at all but I'm sure he needs prayers too over what happened. Dr. Deibel's and Firefighter Kelly's wives were present on the scene when this all happened. From what I heard, the two were able to be with their husbands in their last minutes with us. Dr. Deibel also leaves behind 3 small children.

He will be missed greatly among the staff and pts. He also went on medical missions trips with his father. His father is also a doctor (same specialty) and practiced with him. He said throughout this whole ordeal that his son was his best friend and his hero.

I hope that all who knew him will take on his personality and love for others to make this world better. That's another reason why I posted this here. I don't want his death to be an end to something wonderful but a beginning for others to see how we should treat each other even strangers we don't know. Love One Another. It's that simple. It doesn't mean to spend a whole bunch of time or money that you don't want to spend. It just means a simple hi!, a genuine smile and how are you?, respect for the other person's feelings and knowledge, being pleasant, ....these were the things he did with the staff,fellow doctors, and even his pts. And from all the people that turned out at his visitation and funeral, he touched many,many lives and hearts.

Like I said before, here's one doctor that should be talked about. Not those that mistreat us or the pts. His behavior is what we should learn from and give attention to. My only regret was not telling him that when I last saw him. We should compliment our good doctors in person instead of talking about the bad ones behind their backs. And this is the only way I can think of to tell a whole lot of people about how wonderful a person he was.


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Oh what a tragic loss.... thoughts and prayers to the families.


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I just wanted to add (again) that anyone here who also knew Dr. Deibel, please, post something about him. Or anything else you want to say about him. And if I can figure out how to get the newspaper article here, I'll do that. I quote his dad "I just want the whole world to know about him."


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Oh dear God. That is just awful. I don't know what else to say. Prayer coming. :o


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A very inspiring, heroic thing this doctor and others were doing. Unfortunately there was such a bad outcome. Thoughts and prayers coming from my family.

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