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I would bet most do NOT Chadash. Don't let a few bad attitudes ruin your perception of the rest of us.

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Sure hope you don't think we are all stupid;)

No chadash I don't. I think what Daytonite was referring to... is CNA's like I had posted about. I am sorry if you were offended, and that was never my intent. There are stupid people in every job/profession, but that does not make the whole lot stupid so to speak. Once again I am sorry if you took it personally.


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I think there is a lot of intrinsic insecurity in being a NA. You would not believe the things nurses say to us, the looks we get. A person in housekeeping once told me "they treat you like the village idiot". But when you have to work, you just keep on going.

NO, I did not take what was said personally, or felt there was ill intent in what was said. The poster has always been fair and reasonable. But just wanted to point out the general attitude way too many nurses have about their assistants. I think a little education could really change the culture of healthcare. I will keep banging on this drum until things get better for other CNAs.


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