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Letters have been sent out offering interviews for Yale's GEPN program this January. Got questions? Need answers? Let's get together here and help each other out.... Read More

  1. by   cherrymary
    I just got my interview date at Yale after being waitlisted!!!
  2. by   May_baby
    Yeah for CherryMerry!!!!

    Let us know how it goes!
  3. by   IntlNurse2Be
    I just got my interview date, too! What day are you interviewing cherrymary? And what specialty?
  4. by   Suki-P
    I stumbled upon this post by accident..... I don't belong in this forum, but I am from New Haven and could not resist a reply.....perhaps I am too late?? I use to work at the School of Nursing in a non-medical role.

    As PP said, do not walk around New Haven -- sorry, but Yale is in the worst neighborhoods of the city. Yes, Yale is beautiful! But the surrounds are crime-ridden.

    Another hotel consideration for those driving might be to stay in West Haven, south of New Haven. There is I believe a Days Inn on Sawmill Road in West Haven, you can see this hotel from I-95, very very easy on and off to get to New Haven. It's a 5 minute ride into New Haven by car.

    Funny thing is tho New Haven is a city, there are very very few hotel choices even in surround towns!

    Hope this was helpful....I don't mean to be a mother hen, but for those who have never been to New Haven, I thought I'd just add to previous posts about safety.

    You are all so lucky to have this wonderful opp to study at Yale! Good luck!
  5. by   cherrymary
    Hey, IntlNurse2b, congratulations!! My interview is on the 27th, how about yours? I applied to the midwifery program, which I hear is one of the more competitive specialties, so we'll see how it goes... Glad to see you on here, good luck with everything!
  6. by   IntlNurse2Be
    Hey there, cherrymary, my interview is on the 28th - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Not sure how competitive it is at Yale, but at other schools it is one of the tougher ones to get in to (like yours is!). Just being able to interview is a thrill, however, so I'm looking at it as an opportunity to learn for next year if I don't get an offer.

    Good luck with everything and a big congratulations to you as well. Did you apply to any other programs? Are you in the area or flying in? I'm in S.F. and flying over on Monday night (red-eye).
  7. by   Elle83
    Has anyone heard from Yale regarding acceptances or rejections (hopefully the former)??? This wait it killing me. Do they call everyone regardless of whether you were accepted or not?
  8. by   BeaconStreet
    Hi Elle, I sent you a PM.

    For everyone else, the word is that letters are finally being mailed today, so we should have them by the end of this week. (Thanks to DG for being persistant!)
  9. by   dg05
    Hi there -- is anyone holding out hope that they'll still get into Yale? I've assumed that since I didn't get a phone call I should just expect a rejection letter but I sure hope I'm wrong...

  10. by   Kurlyz26
    Hi Everyone,

    Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who recieved good news. This question maybe a bit out of the loop, but I thought I would try.

    What is it about Yale and its program that everyone likes so much? I would love to hear and share stories.

  11. by   krysprout
    Just wanted to be the first to say that I got my official Yale letter from my box today (I guess it got here in 1 day even with the 28" of snow - go USPS!) I had not received the coveted call last week and am now officially in the "alternate applicant pool" (um, not sure why they don't just call it the waitlist, but they don't). So, I guess I'll be taking my Columbia offer and if Yale ends up wanting me, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Or maybe I'll wait until after the 2nd (when Yale wants accepted applicants to let them know if they will be joining them come Sept.) and if I don't hear soon after, put down my Columbia deposit (which would make more sense anyways since that will be after Columbia's visiting day). Anyone else in a similar boat? Congrats to all who've been accepted to these great programs!
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  12. by   soxfan07
    Just wanted to let everyone know that I received a Yale acceptance letter yesterday (family specialty) but never received a phone call. So, if you haven't been called, you may still be pleasantly surprised.
  13. by   Cali_baby
    I have never posted here before and just found this forum. I have also been accepted to Yale's GEPN (oncology NP). Just wanted to say hi and congrats to all those accepted here and other places.