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  1. AMCB article set's....

    Have you started any of the AMCB modules?
  2. Coaching women during childbirth has little impact

    I find it interesting that this thread has popped up again after 2yrs and yet very few posters have responded to the original article. The original article was about how directed (or coached) pushing provides little benefit... http://www.medicalnewst...
  3. Foleys: Silly Question

    As a CNA I probably placed close to a hundred foleys and hardly ever had any trouble. As a Student though... The foleys I placed during clinicals in front my Med-Surg instructor were torture. During the first one I placed in her presence I dropped ...
  4. Anyone applying to Yale GEPN for fall of 08'

    Hey guys, Once you get a letter you will usually receive some info about lodging in New Haven. Jump on whatever offers are included in the interview packet. Some interviewees may be able to find housing with current students. So if you see an offer...
  5. working at Emory

    Hey there, I'm a CNM student, also in CT, also moving to GA after graduation (mine's still a while off though...). I couldn't figure out the PM link but I would love to touch base with you sometime about NP resources in GA.
  6. Funny OB things people say

    The unfortunate wound (often the result of sexual assault or trauma- including birth) that creates an opening between the bladder/vagina or the vagina/rectum is called a fistula. Second, wow! I had never heard of oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries...
  7. Patton - Real women have Vaginas. Not "koochies" :angryfire
  8. 07-08 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Notification

    Hey guys, Sorry that the NHSC process was so frustrating. I left HRSA last year and if its any consolation I bet staff at the Bureau of Health Professions (BHPr)((the bureau that runs the NHSC)), was probably just as much in the dark as you were (fun...
  9. Yale's GEPN program for Fall 2008

    As I current GEPN student I can tell you that not everyone in my class has extensive research experience. One classmate has a Masters Degree in Literature! Yale really prides themselves on having a GEPN class with diverse life experience. So if you...
  10. Can a white student get a minority scholarship?

    I may get flamed, but I'm gonna be honest here... Minority scholarships are created per institutional and/or Federal guidelines. Minority groups are defined by race or ethnicity. A Caucasian student may be defined as economically disadvantaged and re...
  11. Yale's Nursing School

    I'm an incoming GEPN student as well! My concentration is Midwifery :welcome:
  12. Yale GEPN vs. TRCC RN? HELP!

    The RN program might be more flexible in terms of your family's needs. That said, if you decide on the GEPN program please send me a message. I would be happy to find a study buddy!!!
  13. OB tech and doula training

    As both a former CNA and a Doula I would even say that Doula training on your C.V. might be more of a hinderance than a boost. Some Nurse Managers might be worried that an OB Tech with Doula training would attempt work outside her scope.
  14. Physicians and Labor Support

    Tinyscrafts, I just want to acknowlege your statement about honesty. What you had to say about presenting myself professionally really rings true with me. Honesty is the best policy. Afterall, I don't want to give this one Physician any future ammun...
  15. Shadowed an NP and was let go

    Wow, this situation really stinks. I know Direct-Entry programs put a lot of emphasis on shadowing NPs and I guess this facility didn't get how important this opportunity was for you to get into a program!!! As a Direct-Entry NP student I would recom...