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dg05 has 2 years experience as a RN and specializes in L&D.

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  1. Doctors Without Borders Interview

    Absolutely. Most organizations won't even look at your resume if you don't have any experience and hospital experience is pretty much where it's at. MSF won't think about hiring you unless you have two years of experience. Most other organizations ar...
  2. Doctors Without Borders Interview

    Hello Nursology, sorry for the long delay. I was in the field and just arrived home a few days ago. My experience with RN RN was excellent. They're very professional and helpful. It's a totally different experience than MSF though -- MSF is a career ...
  3. Doctors Without Borders Interview

    Hello, I was with RN Response Network. RNRN Index Page dg
  4. Doctors Without Borders Interview

    Hello Paulina, Sorry for the delayed response. I've been out of the country for the last 30 days with a different organization. I had a response about a week or so ago -- more like seven weeks after the interview (their time frame was 4-6 weeks). I w...
  5. Doctors Without Borders Interview

    Hello, Thank you for your response. Were you accepted? Did you ever work for MSF? I think I have a pretty good handle on cultural sensitivity as I've lived and worked among several different cultures. I've also lived and worked with people with widel...
  6. Hello there, I have an interview with Doctors Without Borders in a few weeks and I am wondering if anyone has experience with this organization. What kind of questions do they ask? How long was the interview? Anything specific I should do to prepare,...
  7. a male midwife??? :S

    beanie29 I'm wondering about your statement "When I'm giving birth, I like to be with women who have birthed before." Does that mean you would be uncomfortable with me attending your birth? I'm a woman who is preparing to enter midwifery school. I h...
  8. Columbia University ETP 2008

    planet612 - for example the midwifery students take a field trip to Albany to speak with legislators there about midwifery practice in the state, etc. Doggie Dad - if you're going to Columbia this is the advice I would give you: (1) have an attitude ...
  9. Columbia University ETP 2008

    Fiona - This is usually true but when I graduated (May 08) I can say that I honestly only know about one person who was hired directly to her integration site. Of course, I only know a limited number of people but still...also, I know several people ...
  10. Columbia University ETP 2008

    You are not allowed to work during the clinical portion of your midwifery education. This means that you can take a year working and taking the non-clinical classes but you must spend at least another year (in addition to the ETP year) not working. I...
  11. Columbia University ETP 2008

    If you're on top of your paperwork -- they give you a little town meeting about this in February or March -- then you can take your exam a little as a week after you graduate. I took mine two weeks after graduation and I know a handful of people who ...
  12. Yale's CNM program

    I'd like info on this, too...
  13. Columbia Midwifery students

    I'm here too - former ETP. Wondering how you've done with your first semester of classes babycatcher !
  14. Hello, I don't know if anyone is in a position to directly compare these two schools but I would like to hear from people that are in each of these programs. How is the administration? How do you feel about your clinical placements -- are they well r...
  15. 39 year old Graphic Designer

    I would just second the "don't take science classes online" bit. I took micro online and felt pretty far behind. Maybe that's because I'm not terribly motivated and I learn better in a classroom but science stuff is just too detailed and important no...