Online RN-MSN Programs with Non-nursing Bachelor's

  1. Hello all!

    I'm approaching the end of an ADN program and hold a bachelor's degree in another field. I'm trying to decide between one of the numerous RN-BSN programs available or an RN-MSN program for those holding a non-nursing bachelor's. Would you please share knowledge of online RN-MSN programs?

    I'll start the list with the following:

    Chamberlain College of Nursing
    Drexel University
    Gonzaga University
    Loyola University
    Nebraska Methodist College
    University of Wyoming
    Western Governor's University
    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   Elle_Guerira
    Another school you can add to your list is Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. They offer online ADN-MSN bridge programs for FNP and generalist tracks. The program is AACN accredited too so that's a definite plus. Here's the website for details: Online Programs
    FYI: For some reason the links for the website above are not working. You can try contacting the school for more information if you are interested.
  4. by   777RN
    Thanks so much for the info!
  5. by   avip123
    Hello, bumping this tread...has anyone attends any of those schools listed above? If so please shine some knowledge on those who are want I get a msn. Thanks in advance.
  6. by   rella23
    We are in exactly the same position. I am planning to apply to this program at UMASS

    My concern is if not having a BSN will hurt my career some how. It seems kind of like a waste of time and money to take 30 more under grad credits when I already have sooo many. Keep me posted on what you end up doing.
  7. by   trinarn94
    Lots of state universities also have the RN-MSN option and you would pay less tuition than attending an out of state school. I'm about to graduate with the MSN from California State University Dominguez Hills. Because I'm a California resident, tuition has been very affordable. I work fulltime M-F and have been able to finish the program in 2 years attending full time and summers. I have a Bachelors in Business and an ADN. Check into the state universities in your state that have online programming for working professionals.

  8. by   military spouse
    If you want to enroll in a MSN program that doesn't involve a bridge, you might consider Excelsior or Gonzaga. They are the only two I am aware of that will allow a non-BSN student with a R.N. and other bachelor degree go straight into the MSN program. I am currently taking such classes through Excelsior, but considered and was impressed with Gonzaga. I would have selected Gonzaga (brick and mortar with better rep), but it was about double the cost of Excelsior.
  9. by   akanini
    I'm bumping this thread because I'm in the same boat and would like help. I live in NY and Excelsior is the only school I know about that will let me start the MSN right away.
  10. by   miteacher
    Did you have any luck finding a program that will allow students with a ADN and another bachelors to enter a masters program?
  11. by   777RN
    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Eastern Michigan University allows ADNs with a non-nursing bachelor's into their master's program after a few bridge courses.
  12. by   JBMmom
    Sacred Heart University has an RN-MSN program for those with a non-nursing bachelor's.
  13. by   ShakeItOff0515
    Duke also has a RN-MSN program for those that have a non-nursing bachelors. Certain specialties are available online.
  14. by   maluakua
    Has anyone attended Drexel and had reviews? Thanks!