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Was wondering if there are any mothers out there who are starting grad school or just started grad school. How is it going and how did you prepare. I hope to start Frontier in the Fall for the WHNP... Read More

  1. by   RNGrad2006
    I appreciate all the comments on here. I was looking for a thread like this. I am having a hard time deciding if I can handle any extra pressure as I already feel like I am stretched thin but want options so I won't have to work bedside forever. I am 43 and like others have worked my way from LPN to ADN to BSN. I am interested in either Nurse Education and/or DNP as I don't think I would finish a FNP program in time and if the end result is pressure to do the DNP (kind of like ADN vs don't need it totally but it is preferred and opens more doors) I may as well get it over with. My kids need so much help with homework and we have no family support. My husband was totally opposed at first (he is sick of me being in school as it has been a long journey already as an adult learner) but now says he is OK either way but think I need more support to make it work. That seems to be the common thread here. My job is really stressful and I can't leave my job for many reasons and I am just not sure I have the energy required to commit to it. I was telling a friend I have been doing flips back and forth so many times that I should enter the Olympics. I am currently enrolled but after a stressful week don't think I could give the energy required. For those of you with very young children it is actually easier than when they are older and have friends, homework, outside activities gets a LOT harder if I look back. So I am not sure I am able to make the sacrifice. My son is turning 12 in a few days and my other son will be 10 in February. Maybe it would be easier when they are in high school and will "desire my involvement" less even though I KNOW they need supervision at that time more than ever. Oh the struggle...but if it was easy...everyone would do it right?
  2. by   psychVARN
    My husband's support has been extremely necessary as I work full time and our daughter just turned 5 years old. I have had little sleep and he edits papers for me....but I will say...I will lay down in bed with my daughter til 8:30 at night then stay up til midnight studying/writing papers/preparing for quiz, etc,'s very rigorous! But I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! But I could not do it without my husband and hiring a nanny for a few hours on the weekends b/c you will need the time to write/read! Good luck! You can do it but I have to admit...without spousal total support it will be difficult.....

    Merry Christmas..I encourage you to continue forward as you will be so proud of yourself and so will your family (and patients!).
  3. by   StaRNew
    Just finished my first semester! Tired but well worth it. Survival tips for managing a family and studying full time and working full time lie in a supportive spouse. I could not make it without him!
    I always try to spoil him rotten occasionally to show my gratitude.