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Anyone else applying to Duke MSN program for Spring 2019? Application deadline is Monday and it's all I can think about! I'm applying to the PNP program. Would love to connect with some other... Read More

  1. by   Linzie0406
    I received an email saying that an admissions decision had been made and to login to my account to see the decision but there is nothing there! I called the office but everyone is gone! I'm stressing out! Please help
  2. by   Casey1283
    Hello everyone,

    Congratulations on your acceptance!! I got my acceptance for the MSN AGACNP for Spring 2019, I am in the process of completing the pre-enrollment but I am very hesitant to continue. The tuition is very high and the loan amount is so high I fear that it will affect my ability to purchase a house in the future. I need to know how you all are figuring out this future debt, I need some consolation.
  3. by   LuckyU11
    Congrats on your acceptance as well! I understand completely about the amount of student loan debt you are about to take on. Fortunately I will be using my GI Bill, but even that does not cover the full amount and will leave me with about $10000 that I will need to cover out of pocket. I'm going to take out loans with the hope that I will qualify for a loan repayment program d/t Georgia's dire need for APNs in the maternal-child realm. A better place to post might be in older forums and talk to Duke alumni to see what they've done or how they've managed their loans. Let me know what you find out and best of luck!!!