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  1. by   rachelv
    I haven't had a chance to follow the thread since my first posting about interviews at SM. I've caught up on the post and boy you ladies have been busy! So I thought I would update and now I have news to share also.

    I just received an acceptance letter in the mail yesterday from SM for the ELMSN - CM program. I have accepted and sent in my deposit.

    Congrats to all the others that have accepted and good luck to those that are still waiting.

    And for those that are still interviewing- the best adivce, that has been given, already is be yourself. But also be prepared and have some set answers ready for the given questions like: why do you want to be a nurse, strengths, weakness etc. You may fill silly but practice out loud, it really helps and made me fill less nervous when I had to answer them in the interview. Although the case management interview was more like a conversation as an earlier post had mentioned- very different from what I was expecting!

    I would love to hear from others that will be starting Spring 2007 SM - either CM of FNP, since we will be together for the first year and a half.
  2. by   BerkeleyMom
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  4. by   Asherah
    Congrats Berk! And all of this waiting and anxiety paid off in the end! Have a celebratory weekend!
  5. by   Kensington
    Congrats, BerkMom - whoo-hoo!!!!!
  6. by   rachelv
    Congrats Berkeleymom! Looking forward to meeting you- Rachel
  7. by   BerkeleyMom
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  8. by   NrsCA
    Congrats Berkeley Mom!!!

    I hope that I'll be posting a similar response in the near future.. YIKES. waiting is horrible! I bet you're feeling a great big sigh of release now that you know!

    Did they let you know anything else when they gave you the congratulatory call?!
  9. by   BerkeleyMom
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  10. by   rmnp

    I applied for these programs and I'm going to be attending USF's program beginning this summer. Have you heard from anywhere?
  11. by   NrsCA
    Hi BerkeleyMom,

    I actually interviewed at SMC the other week... so it's kind of nervewracking to know that I could hear anytime between now and April. Scary. I really hope I get in so that I won't have to move and plus then I can plan my relocation within the East Bay.
  12. by   rachelv
    I did not get a phone call from SM, I just found the big yellow envelope in my mailbox at 1am, last tuesday!!! I'm in and out all day long so not sure if they tried to call first, but you could get a welcome, unexpected envelope in the mail also.

    Good luck!
  13. by   NrsCA
    No call yet.... *sigh*.... I wonder how many spots they've filled for the SMC ELMSN-FNP program....