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  1. hi nursepenelope. i too applied to alta bates and had an interview as well. when did you have yours? i had mines exactly 8 days ago.. they told me if you are accepted, you will get a call by the 23rd of february, and if no call that means you werent accepted. i am dying to be a part of that program and it has been a painful 8 days of waiting. as far as feedback: i answered honestly to their questions too, which weren't too many questions as i recall. i think being honest but also flexible is always a good way to go.. but what do i know? i still dont have a job offer yet. there were also 3 interviewers asking the questions, i believe the main manager and her assistant managers... the nterview lasted 35 minutes. how long was yours? this included telling me about how long the program is, signing a promissory note if hired, and what shifts would i like. did they ask you the same questions? what kind of poker face were they giving off? did they laugh or smile during your interview? goodluck to the both of us! getting into l&d is particularly hard, and i just hope all luck is on our side =) :redbeathe:heartbeat
  2. rockybeanz

    Northern CA - New Grad RN Programs???

    Hi NursePenelope. I applied to the Alta Bates LAbor and Delivery program for March 2011.. Did you apply as well?
  3. rockybeanz

    BSN Samuel Merritt waiting list

    Hi they called me a week before class started and said they had a spot open for me in the sf cohort. Unfortunately I had not completed my self paced patho class yet, so they were nice enough to roll me over to the campus I wanted as first choice which was San Mateo. They just rolled me over as being accepted for the spring absn in San mateo. I did not have to reapply nor was I on the waitlist anymore. There might be a good chance that if you're number 1 on the waitlist that even as close to a day before class starts they might call you with an opening. For my class someone was called the second day of class to join since some people who were accepted were unable to provide transcripts to verify they had completed a prerequisite. Good luck and hope everything works out for you.
  4. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN: January 2009

    Hi there, thanks for the congrats. . .thats probably just the beginning, i hoping to hear congratulations after the 12 month process. Anyhow, my scores were definitely not superior but from what i remember my net score was a composite score of 83.... and My Gpa, from the last 90 semester units or (however they calculated) was a 3.4 . . . the gpa was a affected by my last year in undergrad where I didnt do so well on my last classes. But overall, i know i wrote a very good personal statement, so im sure they take a look at everything, not just scores specifically. . G"OOD luck and what campus and term did you apply for? have you gotten accepted yet? :redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe Im hoping to find some of my future SAN MATEO 09 classmates on here, since we'll be meeting soon in the next week for orientation Good luck, have you applied yet?
  5. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN: January 2009

    hi there, i have been accepted into the san mateo 09 cohort, and was wondering if you have the time to tell me a little about labs for the first term of school. im scheduled to take 125 ( i think its health assessment) from mondays and wednesdays 1-5:30 pm ) i am also schedule for a lab for 125, but they have not given me the times for that yet, im sure its not on the same day as lecture. so i was wondering :heartbeat:redbeathe if you can please let me know, how many days of lab for 125 did you have a week , was it once a week or twice a week . . . thanks so much, and i hope that you are making it through the program, i'm sure you will and will have you in my thoughts. as i know anyone who participates in this program is in for a whirlwind. . . thanks for your time
  6. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN - San Mateo June 09

    RE: hatingthewaiting Registered User Join Date: Aug 2007 Re: Samuel Merritt ABSN - San Mateo June 09 I'm a current San Mateo Samuel Merritt ABSN student and I thought I'd pop in here to maybe answer some of your questions. Email if you have any general or specific questions :nuke: :nuke: HI THERE, congrats to you, who knew half a year would go by right? on top of it, your'e getting good grades !! anyhow, i am starting the absn program at San Mateo in January, and wanted to know if you can please give me heads up on a few things: 1. How many days are labs a week, and how many hours do labs typically last 2. Where are you doing your clinicals 3. And does San MAteo do take home exams? I'm just mentally prepping myself right now, so far, i've written down my weekly lecture schedules, but they have yet to tell me my lab hours and clinical hours. Oh by the way, how are your clinicals and at which site do you do them at? :DThanks so much, and thanks for offering your advice during these time consuming times at SMC. you are very generous. Rockypooh:heartbeat
  7. rockybeanz

    Online pharmacology classes

    Hi PUG, I was wondering which online pharmacology class you took. I warn other however, not to take the self-paced course at Indiana university, not only because it is expensive, but the instructor for the course doesn't seem to help at all when you email them. . . I was thinking of Barstow college. Anyone ever heard about it?
  8. rockybeanz

    Lots of questions, please help

    :DHi , I am an applicant to the San Mateo campus this year, and I am still waiting for my letter of . . .hopefully acceptance. congratulations on almost finishing the program and I am especially glad to hear that you really liked it there. :idea:Do you mind if I ask -If you had to travel out of the San Mateo area for classes and labs often? -What was your NET score average upon applying (because my GPA isn't super great, but my net score was above average) -My science grades for the Chem, Anatomy, Physio, Pharmacology, Micro, and Pathophysio are pretty much A's and B's . . how were yours? -And how was the first quarter of the year? Was it pretty intense, i mean the first few classes that you are supposed to take?? I hope I can stay in touch with you . . .especially if I get into the program . I am praying praying everyday. Hope to hear from you
  9. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN 2008

    Hi INEED, thanks for asking. . .well so far, no letter yet, i had to count sunday and monday out since it was a holiday thus no mail. . . I had a horrible dream last night, I woke up to check the mail and there was a thick fat yellow envelope, and also a thin one both from SMC. . . the nightmare seemed so real and soo confusing. . . I'm hoping still that ill get the yellow larger envelope sometime soon, im sure this week. . :oAnyhow, Im sorry that the housing situation in san francisco for SMC isn't that great, but im sure you'll find an affordable house at a good location soon enough before school begins. Why dont you try looking on Craigslist.org. Go to housing in San Francisco, and you can search up roomates, apts, etc. . . good luck and ill keep you updated. and again your thoughts are always appreciated. . .:redpinkhe
  10. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN 2008

    awww. well ill definitely let you know if and when i get the letter, and thanks for having hope for me. . . .i am still praying praying praying. . . good luck saving money and finding housing. . .it should be an exciting time for you !!
  11. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN 2008

    INEED: YAY !! congrats to you ineed. . .im so happy for you, now im just hoping i can be happy for myself as well, still nooo letter yet, please keep hoping for me. I am praying praying that i recieve a letter saying that i got into the San MAteo campus very soon RIANNA: congrats to you too, enjoy your "down time" . . . good luck to those who got in and those who are still waiting, AM i still the only one waiting for my letter???
  12. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN 2008

    INEED2PP: :cry:nope nope nope, its very nerve wrecking opening the mailbox everyday, but still nothing. . . Thanks for calling the school, I actually called the school two days ago, and spoke to the admissions person, and she said that they should all be sent out by next week, because they are still reviewing a few more applications. . .im so worried. You applied to SF right? I applied to San Mateo. so i surely hope we get in !!! please keep me updated. Im still praying for us.
  13. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN 2008

    Hi, if this helps, i spoke to one of the advisors at SMC, and for San Mateo, as of yesterday there were 55 applicants while they will only accept 48. Im sooo scared and pretty much cannot sleep at night. . Please pray for those of us who have not received a letter and pray that we get a seat in the house of SMC
  14. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN 2008

    CrisBiss, thank you for your response, during this agonizing time of waiting for a letter, any info really helps. Again congrats !!!!
  15. rockybeanz

    Samuel Merritt ABSN 2008

    ineed2pp:i applied to the san mateo campus, and was told this week that there were 55 applicants, and 48 seats available. .so i hope you'll get your first choice of oakland, do you know when the deadline is to accept your offer?? ineed2pp: upon turning in your application, were all of your prerequisites completd??? i am still working on my final prerequ which is pharmacology, its a self paced course through indiana university. crisbiss:and crisbiss, were all of your prerequs completed upon turning in your application as well??? and everyone, omg, i have not been able to sleep.:icon_roll . .well congrats to all those who have recieved a offer letter from smc. . i like may others, am still waiting for my letter. . last year i was accepted to san francisco on the waitlist, being number 12 at the time, and the school notified me about a week prior to the start date. however ,i was unable to accept the offer at the time due to being abroad and out of the country during that time. this year i applied to the san mateo. i have not really heard any comparisons between the 3 campuses yet, but im sure that as students we should be able to manage with either campus. :heartbeat:redbeathe would anyone mind calling the smc campus and see if any notification letters have been mailed out? i feel like i have called one too many times, and so far the word is that they have not sent any letters out, im sure they do not want to disclose facts that they have sent letters out to some applicants, so they wouldnt scare those of us that are waiting. . .
  16. Hi, CERULIAN, congratulations on getting an interview for the ELMSN program. I was hoping you could tell me for which campus did you apply? To the Oakland or Sacramento campus? I recently applied to the ELMSN for the Oakland campus on January 15th, but have not heard from them yet. THanks and hope to hear from you soon.