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  1. by   stressed_girl
    hey pivot!

    I just PM'd you....

    Congrats on getting accepted to Azusa Pacific!!

    From what I know, CSULA will be sending out decisions next week!!!

    Best of luck to everyone!!!!
  2. by   chachingdy
    Hi Stressed Girl and Pivot Pivot,

    We'll all hear this week! Hang in there. I called Jane Conner last Friday and she said she's just finishing up deciding who to invite for an interview. And as stressed girl said, there are only 20 spots and there were over 100 applicants. Aaaaaah! Sounds so scary! Congrats to you Pivotpivot and goodluck to all of us.

  3. by   stressed_girl
    Hi Everyone. I got an interview with CSULA!!! They called me on the phone just right now and scheduled an interview with me for next month!!! Okay, i need to breath... haha.. Now I'm super stressed about the interview!!

    Let me know if you hear anything Chachingdy and Pivotpivot!! I'm anticipating great news from you guys!!
  4. by   pivotpivot
    Congratulations stressed_girl! Not as stressed anymore, I'd say!
    Now, I'm getting stressed! Errrr!!!

    Good luck to you chachingdy!
  5. by   diddle
    Have any of you Samuel Merritt College FNP track applicants figured out exactly how much the program costs?
  6. by   diddle
    Hey all you Samuel Merritt College FNP folks!

    So I got contacted this morning to schedule an interview for smc's fnp program! They gave me a few dates to choose from in March so I am setting that up. Has anyone else been contacted?

    Good luck to all of you!

  7. by   ChickenLLBird
    Congratulations on your interviews! - ChickenLL
  8. by   BerkeleyMom
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  9. by   rockybeanz
    CONGRATULATIONS Diddle and Berkmom, you both got the email today?
    just an email or also a phone call?
    I hope i get in too, keep your fingers crossed for me.

    And good luck on the interviews.
  10. by   rockybeanz
    Diddle and Berkmom,
    If you don't mind me asking, what was your average cumalitve gpa, and net score?
    I'm so happy people that the people who used this thread and applied to smc have made it to the interview process.
    Let us know how it goes.

  11. by   BerkeleyMom
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  12. by   star19
    I also got contacted yesterday via email regarding the interview. I am trying to schedule for the interview next week, but the lady hasn't emailed or called me back yet. Anyway when is everyone going for their SMC interviews???
  13. by   diddle
    Hey Rockypooh- I am crossing my fingers for you! And feel free to PM me as well, I feel the same as BerkMom!

    And BerkMom- CONGRATS!! That is wonderful news. Maybe we will meet through this process. And as far as UCSF, it is really hard to say. They are both great programs...but UCSF is cheaper!

    And Star19- I haven't heard back from the lady either! So I dont know when my interview is.

    Good luck to you all!