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Hi everyone-- Has anyone else out there applied to the UCSF MEPN program? They're supposed to send out letters this month (December) for the interview process. Has anyone gotten a letter yet? Will... Read More

  1. by   nightnurse007
    Hey there fellow applicants...I haven't been on since last year when I was going through the app process and interviews for the first time. I made it to number 2 on the alternate list for the ACHIN specialty...I was totally bummed to ultimately be rejected but as this is what I know I want to do, and UCSF is the ONLY school I want to attend for this particular program, I'm going to keep going until they let me in...'cause they will, no doubt.

    My interview is January 16 and I'm drilling for it. I thought I did VERY well last year as far as my answers to the questions and my rapport with the interviewers but obviously there is room for improvement. These specialties are so impacted that it just doesn't make sense to give up when you are so close...I look at it like maybe I wasn't part of the top 5-10 (I don't know how many of my specialty were accepted) but I was part of the top 7-12, right?

    So if you were rejected or end up getting wait-listed...don't give up. Remember, more than 600+ people apply, maybe 150 make it to interviews and of that around 90something get accepted.
  2. by   ysinx
    I am interviewing the 23rd and have not heard anything about a mixer the night beforehand. Has anyone else gotten information on this?

    And good luck to everyone.
  3. by   kflagg
    is there anyone else out there who still hasn't gotten their letter? i'm a little confused. i live in california. my application said "under review"--recommendations in, gre in, transcripts in (i checked that every school i'd asked to send one had), and of course, my essay and so forth. any chance that some letters went out late? i can't call ucsf until jan. 2. how concerned should i be?


  4. by   leelawadee
    Hi Kirsten!

    I haven't gotten my letter yet either!It's strange because I know I sent everything in on time... and it's killer not being able to call the office until January 5th.

    But know that you're not the only one out there! Good luck to you!
  5. by   MorePlease
    Quote from liz.c
    Yes, it is a strange phenomenon. I spoke with the dean afterwards last year, and he basically said that there was nothing I could do to strengthen my application and encouraged me to reapply this year! Do you have any backup schools, MorePlease?
    No backup schools for me. This is the ideal program, location, etc. My backup is actually reconsidering a psych PhD or med school (which may seem silly, given that I can't get into this program :-)). I didn't talk to the dean last year (I decided to reapply at the last minute) but I will definitely check in with the office this year to get some feedback.

    Where else did you apply?
  6. by   schmooper
    Hey Everybody,

    I just got back from vacation and received my letter requesting an interview! I still cannot believe it, especially after following this forum and seeing how qualified ALL the applicants are. I am from southern california, and will be staying in a hotel prior to the interview. Does anybody have any suggestions on affordable hotels near the campus? Thanks for the input! Also, is anybody else interviewing for Yale? I have my interview with Yale the 22nd, and then UCSF the 23rd, yikes!
  7. by   el-do
    Hi Schmooper~

    I'll be at Yale on the 21st. That's quite a turnaround for you! Are you from either coast, or will you just be flying all over the place?

    Good luck at both interviews!
  8. by   aspiring.midwife
    Just got home from vacation and got my rejection letter from UCSF. I'm disappointed because UCSF was my top choice, though I knew all along that it's extremely competitive. Hopefully I will get better news from some of the other schools I applied to.

    Good luck and congrats to all who got interviews!
  9. by   schmooper
    I'm trying to fill out financial aid forms, does anyone know if we are supposed to file a FAFSA for 2008-2009 or 2009-2010. I am a little confused, because UCSF MEPN starts mid June.
  10. by   el-do
  11. by   nervousexcitement
    I just got back to my apartment yesterday from the holidays and vacations etc. Thankfully I came home to find a letter letting me know I have an interview on the 23rd! I am so excited and thankful for the opportunity but now instead of the anticipation of waiting for the letter all I can do is stress about the interview....

    I just found this forum and am so glad I will be able to talk to others who are going through the same roller coaster of emotions.

    Congrats to everyone who has interviews : ) and to everyone else I hope it is a blessing and that something else comes your way that is perfect for you!
  12. by   raysm310
    Hi Nervousexcitement,

    I am interviewing on the 23rd too! What specialty are you applying for? I am applying for the ACHIN program.

    Try not to stress too much about the interview. I am doing my best not to. I have found that running helps me forget for a little while. And it is good for my health too I live in Berkeley and I see San Francisco, albeit from a distance, every day. It is kinda hard not to imagine what it would be like to live/go to school across the bridge. But I am not letting myself think that far ahead because I don't want to jinx anything. And I will apply next year if it wasn't meant to be this year.
  13. by   Bree124
    Quote from schmooper
    I'm trying to fill out financial aid forms, does anyone know if we are supposed to file a FAFSA for 2008-2009 or 2009-2010. I am a little confused, because UCSF MEPN starts mid June.
    I would call the financial aid office and ask. I started a DE program last summer, and we had to do an 07-08 FAFSA for the summer term, and 08-09 FAFSA for the fall/spring terms.