Any UCSF Mepn Applicants? - page 72

Hi everyone-- Has anyone else out there applied to the UCSF MEPN program? They're supposed to send out letters this month (December) for the interview process. Has anyone gotten a letter yet? Will... Read More

  1. by   UCSF_MEPN
    i got my letter a while ago. i didn't get an interview. i am crushed. i live in santa cruz, ca. the envelope was thin and small.
  2. by   nurse hila
    I didn't get an interview, either. :stone I'm bummed, but what can I say? I did my best.
    It's for the better, though. Plan B is applying to the USF CNL program.
    Good luck everyone.
  3. by   JudeyRooney81
    What is the CNL program?
  4. by   JudeyRooney81
    Oh wait, I actually looked at that program. I think my back up is still Samuel Merrit for the accelerated track.
  5. by   Hopeful Nurse
    I got mine today!!! I live in San Francisco. I was Christmas shopping downtown and my husband brought the letter to me. It came in a big envelope.

    I am interviewing on the 23rd of January.
  6. by   JudeyRooney81
    Hopeful Nurse, what track did you apply to again?
  7. by   JudeyRooney81
    I remember that you applied to oncology. Congrats! Is that through Gerontology?
  8. by   Hopeful Nurse
    Quote from JudeyRooney81
    I remember that you applied to oncology. Congrats! Is that through Gerontology?

    JudeyRooney, Yes it is the Oncology/Gerantology program. I wish you the best of luck, as well as everyone else. I know we all worked really hard for this.
  9. by   raysm310
    I got my letter today too, and it came in a big envelope! Hopeful nurse, I am also interviewing on the 23rd, so maybe we'll meet.

    Best of luck to everyone in whatever their path leads to.
  10. by   MorePlease
    I got my rejection letter this afternoon. A little surprised, as I was invited to interview last year and I thought my chances would get better with reapplying. I guess that's what assuming gets you :-)

    Congratulations everyone and good luck!
  11. by   JudeyRooney81
    Wow! That is really shocking to me. I guess that tells you how unpredictable things are. Did you change your application this year at all?

    I won't be finding out until probably Wednesday, based on the rate of mail from SF to Michigan--however, at the way things have been going on this board, I am kind of glad extending the not knowing, b/c then I still have hope.
  12. by   MorePlease
    I added a new recommender and switched up the essay a bit. I didn't call last year to see why I didn't make the final cut, so that probably would have helped. I'll definitely be calling to see what happened this time, though.
  13. by   jcarranz5
    Congrats to tsscal, raysm310, and Hopeful Nurse! You guys are awesome! Today, I went to the mailbox with a little ball of nervousness in my stomach only to find out that I had not received my letter today. This means that I have all Sunday and half of Monday to be nervous. I'll probably flip out if I don't get a letter on Monday.

    And to those that didn't get in, chin up! We all have to stay positive about our futures. I have already started to map out alternate pathways in case UCSF and Columbia did not pan out after all.