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Hi everyone-- Has anyone else out there applied to the UCSF MEPN program? They're supposed to send out letters this month (December) for the interview process. Has anyone gotten a letter yet? Will... Read More

  1. by   Newtonian
    veni, vidi, vadi
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  2. by   teenyjo
    I understand your dilemma, Tippy. Maybe it will all pan out like Newtonian predicts and you end up at UCSF anyway but even if it doesn't, thanks for supporting the group as a whole! 'Sounds like it's a pretty fantastic opportunity...
  3. by   Iridescence
    Hey Blue!
    I live in Noe...we should meet up regardless of MEPN status

    Quote from codeblue24
    Woo... somewhat a relief about tomorrow. I won't be getting the letter on time anyway. I'll be flying to Texas... I know Thankfully I have a roommate at home to open the mail for me. This mail has to travel "All the Way Under" folks so feel don't feel sorry for me. Biladiabla you fake your voice? LOL I called from a blocked number and was attempting a British accent. What voice did you use? Good luck everyone and stop picking on Newt... Newt we are going to have a gay night out at the Castro among other "happy" gentlemen if you and I make it into the program. Happy Holidays y'all.
  4. by   in progress
    Hey guys,

    This is my first post here, although I've lived each day through this thread for the last month --

    check your mailboxes, because I just received a letter from UCSF at 11 this morning..!!!!

    Good luck to everyone, and hope to see you in January
  5. by   LovetoTravel2001
    In progress - where do you live?? Close to SF?
  6. by   in progress
    Ah, sorry, I should have included that.

    I'm in Berkeley -- SF Bay Area.

    I believe the post office is delivering mail the 24th, so those of you that aren't too far off should hear soon as well!
  7. by   LovetoTravel2001
    Got my letter today too - I live about 35 miles north of San Francisco.. no interview this is my second year applying but hopefully Columbia or one of the other schools will accept me.
  8. by   teenyjo
    Sorry to hear, LoveToTravel. I've heard from so many people who have reapplied and still no luck. I wish you the best with the other schools...

    'Wonder if the mail has made its way down to southern CA yet. Come on, mail man!
  9. by   teenyjo
    Well I just checked the mailbox and the mail is here but it didn't include a certain letter. 'Guess it'll be Christmas Eve?

    Good luck to everyone who may be hearing today!
  10. by   czyja
    I banned myself from this threat until I got my letter - frankly it was too stressful to share in everybody's anxiety because my anxiety was quite overwhelming.

    I got my letter! And I will be interviewing on January 18th (Critical Care/Trauma CNS). I hope too meet ALL of you then!
  11. by   Medic189
    Congratulations to those who made it to the next step! For the majority of us who won't, don't lose faith. Anyone who got in care to post their qualifications? My mail doesn't get here for a while and my ulcer's growing!
  12. by   ham_tranwich
    I live in SF and just got a letter from UCSF today. I'm invited for an interview for the FNP specialty. I'm so excited! You guys can't see it, but I'm doing my happy dance right now.

    Happy holidays and good luck to all of those who haven't heard yet.
  13. by   MorePlease
    I was bumped off my flight home for Christmas and am now leaving at 6am tomorrow out of SFO. However, every cloud has a silver lining, because I just got back from the airport to find a letter inviting me to interview on the 25th for ANP/PCNS!


    Good luck to everyone and happy holidays :-)