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Hi everyone-- Has anyone else out there applied to the UCSF MEPN program? They're supposed to send out letters this month (December) for the interview process. Has anyone gotten a letter yet? Will... Read More

  1. by   bluedreamofsky
    Greetings MEPN finalist comrades! Huge congrats to those who've made it thus far!!

    I've been lurking here too for a while- Nat3433, I think it was you who told me about this forum on our interview day in January, and I thank you for that!

    So, I got my letter today and I am (sigh) an alternate for the Gerontological specialty (sigh). I applied last year and was alternate #3 for the same specialty; now I'm #1 but can hardly bear that my incredibly sincere desire to train at this fine institution be a nurse for the older adult population and SO much effort to that end has yet again been met with NOT actually being in the program!! I am so ready for this, so capable and so excited... and now, so disappointed. Last year, I was not officially rejected until after MEPN classes began in June, and it prolonged my inability to make other plans! (I know Dr. Z recommended setting your own date for Plan B, but it's so tempting to hold out a shred of hope!)

    Anyway, that's my story... one question for you fabulous admittees: by what date do you have to let UCSF know you are planning to attend?

    Thanks so much!
  2. by   ChickenLLBird
    Wow, bluedreamofsky, that's really brutal. I am so sorry. We have to let UCSF know by March 14th. I am sure that some people will prefer Yale or other schools, 1st on the wait list is good! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - Chicken LL
  3. by   jaxnaud
    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that I'll be going to UCSF in June. I'm really excited and look forward to meeting all of you.

  4. by   zamber
    congrats to all you who've gotten into the mepn program!!!

    hey bluedreamofsky, i'm in a similar position-- this is my second time applying to the mepn program and i've not been admitted (i was sooo convinced that the interviews had gone incredibly well and that i was bound to get in!). i'm listed as alternate #2 for the pediatric NP specialty. not sure how great the chances are of getting in as a second alternate. i am crushed, but trying to make the best of this situation. hang in there! i'm sending good wishes your way. #1 alternate for your specialty seems promising. ;-)

    does anyone know if ucsf revealed how many mepn students they were able to take this year?

  5. by   jaxnaud
    dreamofbluesky and prospective z,

    will you guys keep us updated on your waitlist status? I would think #1 and #2 is a pretty good spot to be in. Good luck to you both.
  6. by   ChickenLLBird
    Congratulations jaxnaud (Karen)! See you in June. I am disappointed by how many people got waitlisted twice in a row. It just seems like a mystery formula to me if people have that experience. I'm really feeling for you guys and hope that this, somehow, turns out to be a positive turn in your path to becoming a nurse and, of course, that you end up in June. Maybe a lot of people will want to go to Yale or Columbia. - Lisa
  7. by   lazyRx
    Hey everybody-
    Just got my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday, so thought I would finally stop lurking and join the conversation. It's very exciting - and such a relief. I really feel for those of you that got waitlisted or turned back. It was a grinding application process that i would prefer not to repeat. That said, hang in there. Everybody i met at Interview Day seemed highly qualified, capable and motivated, and i'm sure we will all find our niche and do well.

    So if there is a gathering in SF let me know. It would be good to meet some people before school starts.

    (Acute Care NP specialty, Jan 26 interview)
  8. by   zamber
    hi jaxneaud and co.,
    i'll definitely keep you posted on whether i get in or not-- i haven't given up all hope, but i will need to switch gears and start entertaining plan B in the meantime, if only to stay sane. ;-)

  9. by   ChickenLLBird
    Congratulations Blair! That's fantastic. Prospective Z, hang in there I'm rooting for you - Chicken LL (Lisa)
  10. by   jaxnaud
    I'm up for a get together soon. Lets try for April or May, that way our waitlisted pals will have a better idea if they're in (and I hope you are!!!). What do you guys think? So, what kind of spot would you be into? Bar? Park? Cafe? Restaurant? I have no idea- although I think a happy hour with appetizers and a drink might be casual and fun. I'm open though. I got a few emails on interview day so I can check in and invite those people as well. Maybe Friday, May 4th at 5pm???? I am not sure of where to meet, although someplace near BART (like in the financial district) would be easy on me :-). Gordon Beirsch, that irish pub near the mall, I don't know. Just somewhere with food for those who might not be interested in the drinking thing. Nat34?? let us know when you hear!!!
  11. by   Elenaroo
    I almost cried yesterday when I saw everyone's acceptances, but thankfully I made it to the mailbox and got some good news today. A get together sounds like a great way to relax and meet people after all the stress we've endured!

    Blair, I'm also in the Acute Care NP track, but interviewed Jan. 19. Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of each other!

    Congrats to all those accepted and best of luck to those still waiting to hear good news.

  12. by   Nat3433
    I'm in!!!!! Letter just came, finally. Can't wait to meet you all in June, and sign me up for any get-togethers.
  13. by   Bizzles
    Bluedreamofsky, I'm the #1 alternate for the Oncology track. I've been admitted to Yale, but I'd really rather not uproot my life if possible. I'll definitely cross my fingers for you if you'll do the same for me!