Position for Below knee and Above knee amputation....

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I am talking about positioning after below knee and above knee amputation,i had lots of confusion arising from different practice question and now came to conclusion

Above knee amputation: elevate on a pillow for 1st 24hrs, then position on prone position thrice every day 30 mins

Below knee amputation: elevate foot of the bed for 1st 24hrs then position prone thrice everyday for 30 mins

If stump is already placed after surgery: no need to elevate, site care necessary

please correct me if i misunderstood it!!

That's is how understand it. Then prone position after 24hrs.

Your correct! Good luck with the rest of your studies!

Thankyou both!!!

what do you mean by thrice??

Cyoung07 It means three times a day, each time for 30 mins. It is written somewhere in the rationale....

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