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  1. Planning on doing the DNP-Psych program in Fall.. Looking to hear about he schools.. Reviews are all over the place great to awful. ACY
  2. Working in LTC

    I am a new grad and my first full tiem job was an LTC and I was thrilled i landed a job but i quit after three days..For the same exact reason and then some..the nurse training me was an LPN. there were 40 pateints and two nurse both LPN's and i was...
  3. New nurses wanted.

    THe article is interesting but being a new nurse or how ever you want to term it..i have expereinced the dismay, negative attitude, judgemental and overly critical seasoned nurses. I have seen first had, have experienced and have even made it a poin...
  4. Help!! How to document clinical info narrative

    Hello can i get the word doc as well..i am new to HH...also does anyone have a copy of SOC packet that they can email me..I am trying to get myself familiarize before i go out..
  5. I start HH tomorrow!

    thanks for the book suggestion will check it out..i am new nurse and new to home health as they r the only ones willing to hire...hospitals dont want to hire new nurses only experince nurses..bu how do u get expereince if they wont train..n they see ...
  6. Home Health Progress Notes

    that would be awesome to have..please let me know
  7. Please share your home care nursing tips/tricks with others

    THis si awesome,..I am new to Home EHalth and a NEw Nurse..please help..i am learning how to fill out the evaulaiton forms..the ticking of the boxes seems simple enough but what type fo notes do i put in..what format..i am anyone has l...
  8. New Home Health Nurse with Questions

    Hello I am new to home health..In South FLorida..i am also a new nruse..and hospitals are very picky about hiring and they dont want new nurses..anyways..i am getting started and dont have much training by any of the Home HEalth agencies..does any on...

    YOU ANXIETY AND NERVES are your biggest enemy.... I used Saunders (for content) ( but i dint read the chapters i felt it was too much info..I did the CD the diagnostic and questions..and listen to the audio on parhm whcih helped..), Kaplan as it was ...

    thank you..i used: HURST (i did it complete), i did NCSNB but really only the pharm section, I did Kaplan as it was part of my tution but i never comepelted trainer 6 & 7 and as for qbank i was all over the place in scores 30, 80, 40, 60,

    yes..the questions where like what med would you give for A Fib? but it was not the traditional meds.. also this patient has these symptoms what heart issue will he have...

    I took my NLCEX RN Monday Oct say the least it was a beast..i had 170+ questions and 80% where medication...questions were so random.. "this is the med what teaching would you do" 'this is the med what priority assesment would you do" "this is...
  13. To Suzanne4

    Suzanne, I am interested in your plan for NCLEX RN. My will be taking the test in October.. just finished nursing school and starting my nlcex Rn prep. Please contact me at your earliest convience.
  14. PASSED NCLEX 275 Questions Florida

    First of all congrats..i am finishing my last semester on Sept 11..and wiating for the baord ot approve me to sit for the test...We do Kaplan in our school so doing my review course this weekend...and used the Kaplan bookave the hurst viedoes and som...
  15. NCLEX RN 10000

    it is the same question makers as Kaplan..Lipponcott Willimans & Wilkins.. thanks.. I have Kapaln but there is only 1300 q-bank questions which i have already done..and the traienrs i just looking for additional resources..