Portuguese Vaccine Record Translation


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Anyone here have a high population of Portuguese-speaking families and have a good document to translate their immunizations?  We have a large Brazilian population and the records we get are so difficult to translate.  I have found a couple things online but nothing I really like.  If any of you have something you use and love I would love to see it.  Thanks!


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Our district nurses no longer attempt to translate.  Parents must provide records translated.  Contact your local Health Department - they may be able to do it or at least give you a resource list of places that will translate. 

Our local Health department no longer translates the documents - so we provide a list of places the parents can go to for the service. 

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You can get a certified medical interpreter to do this job, much better and more reliable than the nice lady from the cafeteria, an auntie, or the social worker. Call these folks, theyll get you somebody in your area.