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Just wondering if someone would give me a brief description of what they included in their portfolio. I just graduating so would it be appropriate to include my nursing school transcripts and awards for things such as dean's list?

Also, is standard that the interviewer (nurse manager or HR) keep the portfolio or is this something I should have multiples of? I would think it would be smarter to show it to the nurse manager.

Hi There- I recently also graduated and have accepted a position at a large teaching hospital. During my senior year we had to put together a portfolio project and this is what it included...

A cover letter addressing the nurse recruiter as to why you are applying for the position

2-3 letters of recommendation from either clinical leadership or previous employers in the field

What your 5 year plan is for your future and goals

Extra activies above and beyond school that you may have done on your own

Why you became a nurse.

Maybe not all of this need to be included in your portfolio but those are some ideas. When I sent my information to my nurse recruiter I included awards won and letters of recommendation. Those things definately go a long way. Hope this helps.


In my new grad porfolio I included the items below:

Cover letter


List of references

Letter of recs (3-4 is adequate)


Copy of License

Copy of Certifications (BLS/ACLS/TELE/IV)

I chose not to include copies of awards or projects which some people do. Insteas I just them in my resume.

Specializes in retired LTC.

You usually also add any records of outside educational training attendance and any CEU-type course completions. Just don't include FLUFFY stuff like callligraphy classes (you'd be surprised!).

Thanks everyone.

Those of you who have interviewed, did you leave a copy of your portfoilo with the nursing manager or anyone? Or was it something you had them look at right there during the interview?

They usually glance at it during the interview. You can also reference it during the interview. Have the nurse manager keep the portfolio so they can look at it (hopefully!) after the interview as well. Goodluck!

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