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Applications close tomorrow. Good luck to all who applied!

Hey everyone I just applied today...I have a 3.2 gpa and i got an 84.7 on the teas...I believe I'm at 116.45. Hopefully I am accepted!


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I have a 116 and some change as well. Wishing us both good luck :-)

Me too. From what I understand letters will be out the 5th!! The anticipation is killing me lol


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Just want to let everyone know I got my acceptance letter today!!!! I got in with 111.1 points so everyone on top of that is golden :)

I got my letter today!! I got accepted!!!


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Comgratulations!!!! Good luck to us all.


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Congratulations!! Hoping the same for all.


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I was just accepted as well! Congrats to all!


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Hey guys. I'm an alternate with 109points


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Hey everyone! I have 118.5 points, but I still haven't received a letter. Anyone else still waiting?


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You should have been accepted with your points. I think the lowest accepted is a a 111.

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