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You will get in, there are always people that drop off for whatever reason. Stay positive.


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Hello! Does anyone know if Polk ever extends the application acceptance deadline? I know on the packet in the mail there are "no exceptions" but the Polk acceptance deadline is about a week before the decisions of the other programs I have applied to will be released. Anyone have any insight before I call the office?


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No they don't extend the deadline because they said it will not be fair to other students. But email Dr.H, she's really quick at replying


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I'm in! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted :)


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Hello everyone I was accepted to Polk as an alternate #4, just wanted to know if I have a good chance of getting into the program? Any previous applicants please respond


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Has anyone who was accepted as an alternate heard anything? I would love to know what number they are on.


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Polly2323 I'd say you have a pretty good shot at getting in, after your first orientation day they start going down the list pretty quickly.

Polly2323 I applied for Polk State's Nursing Program for the Fall of 2017, I was alternate #18 and got in for Fall 2017. If you are that high up on the list you should get in, that is how the past semesters have went anyway. Good luck!


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Hello everyone I was accepted last week into the program as a number 4 alternate so I know they are moving quickly down the list. Thanks for all the comments and support! Good luck to everyone!!


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Hey guys, have any more alternates heard back about acceptance? Thanks!! Still keeping my fingers crossed


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Hey hun, what number are you, I was number 11 I got accepted before the class meeting , and if I'm not mistaken I think they got to #16 by that same day of the class meeting


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Has anyone received a clinical assignment yet?

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