policy re: accuchecks during procedures?

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Just inquiring about your department policy or, if there is none, your practice when doing procedures (some lengthy) on diabetics. How often do you do Accuchecks? Just at beginning? If the procedure is lengthy, every hour? Every two hours? (prn goes without saying, but I'll take it if that's what you do) Thanks for the input. :) -- D

suzanne4, RN

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If procedure is lengthy, I prefer having them every one hour................

Remember that stress can cause a significant change in blood sugars..

and a procedure is definitely stressful to the body, no matter what type that

it is.


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Exactly! Thank you, Suzanne! BTW, I always appreciate your posts; you have a veritable wealth of knowledge AND are willing to share!

Anyone else? There is no "right" answer, just getting a feel for what others are doing. Thanks again. --- D

suzanne4, RN

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:balloons: Thank you.............. :balloons:


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:) When I worked in LTC the doctors would usually order accuchecks before meals.Other doctors would order them once a week or once a day.


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We generally only check once prior to the procedure, after that just prn for any symptoms that may develop. Haven't had any problems (so far!) even with the more brittle people.


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We don't have a glucometer in dept. Our outpatients must bring there glucometers in ( rarely do). They are required to check BS in am. If a patient is symtomatic- we call lab for stat glucose. We would have to check the glucometer every day if we had one, and we rarely need one. Our procedures arent that long, except if we are doing a declot or renal angio.

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Thank you frann, BlackCat and RadRN; your replies are appreciated. Frann, we take ours the same as your lab: once at beginning, then prn, if suspicious of any change. Most of our procedures (Cath Lab only) don't last over two hours. ARRGGGHHH, now I've jinxed us!! We'll get a 5-hr pacemaker for sure, now!! :D :D

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I would like to know where the Ellen Whit quote came from. Do you have a reference?


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