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Do you typically "automatically" add PO cogentin PRN along with PO Haldol PRN? Or is dystonia more an issue with IM haldol?


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I usually give prn Benadryl with prn po Haldol.


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Not unless I know they have a Hx and if I knew they had a Hx, I'd get an order for something else. I give PO and IM Haldol daily and never would just add Cogentin or Benadryl.

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I would ask the provider about an order for benedryl or congentin.



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If they have adverse symptoms related to a particular anti-psychotic in the past you would add in cogentin or benadryl depending on their reaction. If you observe a reaction that was not known, ask the provider for an order for the s/sx.

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Usually not, unless it's been ordered that way or the patient requests a PRN Cogentin/Benadryl along with it.



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Or psychiatrists order cogentin or Benadryl PRN for most of our patients. That way if they need it then it's available.

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Haloperidol is a cheap 'n' potent old-school neuroleptic, & has low soporific value.

If it is being used for cost reasons, then a prn cogentin order ought to be included.

Like-wise, a concomitant sedative might be useful under certain circumstances.