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  1. How would you go about getting a sample from a male pt with severe dementia who is totally incontinent and wears briefs? Thanks!
  2. lottieloo

    PO haldol

    Do you typically "automatically" add PO cogentin PRN along with PO Haldol PRN? Or is dystonia more an issue with IM haldol?
  3. lottieloo

    imminent risk

    thanks so much for your answer elkpark! That makes perfect sense. My only other question is-what if a patient is forceably kicking the door saying they want out of the hospital? Technically it's a danger because they need to be in the hospital and also they could injure themselves by forceable kicking. Also what about behavior such as punching a wall (could break their hand). Could PRN IM meds (if they refuse PO) /seclusion/restraint be justified?
  4. lottieloo

    imminent risk

    Hi all! So at a training, the trainer mentioned that if a patient got angry and started destroying property (the unit) that the pt could NOT be restrained or placed in seclusion or given a forced IM unless they then started directing the aggression AT someone. Is this true? The trainer said they have been in a scenario where the pt tore the unit apart and hit chairs off walls and the other patients were all removed from the area but he was just allowed to do his thing bc he wasnt harming himself or anyone.