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What is NP and DEA stand for? Nurse Practitioner? 

I'm sorry you went through all that and I'm glad you are still with us on earth...even though it is not easy here that's for sure. I hope all is well with your son also.


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Thank you for your kindness. My son is almost 30 now and has a 2-year-old and another on the way!

Yes, NP=Nurse practitioner and DEA is Drug Enforcement Agency. You have to be checked out by them to get prescriptive privileges as a nurse practitioner. 

Lust4life, BSN

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11 hours ago, debkj said:

I was referred to the IPN in Florida after I “diverted” (I call it steal) drugs to commit suicide. My sons father had taken him and wouldn’t return him. He was 3 years old. Their family was super-rich. He was emotionally abusive too. Anyway, I planned to kill myself because I was so down and hopeless about life and getting my son back. Long story, but I didn’t die! I reported myself to the hospital and went into IPN. I got the help I needed outside the program through counseling. AA and NA meetings just made me want to drink- all the talk about alcohol. And I didn’t really drink before. Drug screens, IPN monitoring fees. I was going broke too. I decided to go to seminary and was accepted. IPN said no. I can’t leave the state. I decided I didn’t want to do all this for 5 years and relinquished my license. It’s messed up my nursing career forever. No one cares how long it’s been (over 20 years) and no I haven’t gotten UDS’s for the past 20 years. I am in school for my NP and am wondering what hell I’ll encounter to get my DEA license. 

If you don't mind me asking, if you relinquished your license, how are you in NP school? I'm assuming you got your license back in good standing? The reason I ask is because I'm wondering what to expect when I go to petition for reinstatement after ten plus years. Thanks again! I hope it is an easy process for you! Sounds like it should be fine.


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After about 15 years I had moved to a different state. I applied to this state for an RN license and had all kinds of documentation of psychological tests that I had to go through for ministry. 3- 8 hour days of psych evaluation. I had their report. Plus pages and pages of 12 step work that I did throughout the years. And a few letters of reference. They also called my sponsor and talked to her for an hour. Then interviewed me several times over the phone. They voted to grant me a license with no restrictions but it WASN’T  unanimous. I was SO grateful.  So keep track of all the good things you do. Get letters from people now that may not be around in the future- my first sponsor for 5 years died so I wish I had a letter from her, but it worked out. I have a compact license but will have to apply to each state not I. The compact. And when I disclose the voluntary surrender some places like IHS won’t hire me, although they don’t say that’s the reason. 
Good Luck! ( they may also look at tickets you get so try to be good 🙂. I wasn’t. )