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debkj has 29 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

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  1. burnout

    I had 3 years in an ER which is what the job requirements wanted. Basically because for my job we are making sure patients don’t have anything life threatening going on and can wait for an appointment.
  2. Advice for a paramedic looking to make the switch

    I don’t have an answer to your question but I just want to say I have the utmost respect for you medics. You handle everything. And your pay and working conditions are awful. Good luck- (former flight nurse who knows how ba-a** you are)
  3. PNAP no legal charges

    Thank you for your kindness. My son is almost 30 now and has a 2-year-old and another on the way! Yes, NP=Nurse practitioner and DEA is Drug Enforcement Agency. You have to be checked out by them to get prescriptive privileges as a nurse practit...
  4. NP after disciplinary action?

    I had disciplinary action (voluntary surrender after diversion with intent to commit suicide) against my license 20 plus years ago. I’m licensed now (for 6 years) through compact state and just entered FNP school. I’m getting worried that I won’t be...
  5. PNAP no legal charges

    I was referred to the IPN in Florida after I “diverted” (I call it steal) drugs to commit suicide. My sons father had taken him and wouldn’t return him. He was 3 years old. Their family was super-rich. He was emotionally abusive too. Anyway, I planne...
  6. Compact license

    I got a multistate license after the BON investigated me (extensively) after charges in another state. Since the state I am in is part of the compact it was automatic I think. I’m actually confused about how that works.
  7. Institutional Abuse

    Hey all, we sometimes talk about how nurses tend to be angry, resentful, and "eat their young" and we blame it on abuses we feel from patients and visitors. But, what about the the institutions that make money off our labor? How is what we do differ...
  8. Absenteeism during probation

    Believe it or not. My dad coded this morning and they brought him back. He's on a vent with pressers going. So I'm heading down to Florida. Let my manager know and she said we would talk about my future when I got back. I don't expect my dad will ma...
  9. I am a new hire in an ED and have had the following things happen in the past two months GI problem /diarrhea. Missed 1 day Hit a deer. Missed 1 day and got an apartment close to work so it wont happen again Started menses 2 weeks early and was bleed...
  10. Back after multi year hiatus and in monitoring

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I am NOT sending a copy of my fourth step. Just workbook pages I've done over many years. Mainly I have been working the steps through basic, everyday issues (I'm a minister, church people are gossiping, coming in ...
  11. Back after multi year hiatus and in monitoring

    I, too,am trying to return to nursing after leaving in 1998 from diversion and depression. I was in the IPN program for a while and jumped through the hoops, but decided I didn't want to be a nurse really and left the state to go to seminary. I volun...
  12. Thank you for posting this! I am going to order the book too.
  13. Proof of Sobriety?

    Thank you! I called them and they said a letter from my sponsor, sponsorees, would help I can get those easily. I will ask my physician to order a UDS, but I have had 3 surgeries in the past 3 years due to broken bones (falling off a horse) and carp...
  14. Proof of Sobriety?

    I voluntarialy relinquished my RN license 18 years ago because of depression and substance abuse. I went into the intervention program for a couple of years, but I was TERRIFIED of relapse and eventually gave up on nursing and went back to school, th...