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pls guyz, is NCsBN a good source to study from...


please guyz, am retaking my nclex rn in dec, the last time i had 265q/6hrs but unsuccessful, i really need to pass this exam in order to move on...hummmm, i had near passing in all and i dont know what to do...am using Kaplan qbank, hurst review which i found helpful, and saunders as reference, including PDA now, studying everyday, but i want u folks to give me some insight about NCsBN if u have taken it maybe it helps u or not..ONE LOVE GUYZ:redpinkhe

Our class was required to complete the NCSBN program in order to be able to take the exit HESI (which I am taking on Dec. 3--wish me luck!). I have to tell you that I wasn't overly impressed. I felt as though the lessons were way too long to actually be able to absorb the information.

I actually think the CD in the back of the Saunders NCLEX review book has been very helpful. There are literally thousands of questions to study.

Good luck!


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wish you all the best in your next retake!

No one resource can be classified as the one and only. You need to focus on taking as many questions and studying as many rationales from as many resources as you can attack before test day. Good luck.

ncsbn worked for me.. =) loved it..

Wishing you the best ! Just be careful, I have heard from numerous people that the Saunders questions are easier than the NCLEX type. I find myself scoring higher when using it then when I use other material.(ex:kaplan, nclex 3500 etc.)