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I posted a poll question on Nursing Activism and Politics and I did not get a big response. Please visit the Medicare Modernization Act poll. I need the data for my's due Wed.:rolleyes: Even if you don't know what the act is, please vote. Thanks for your help!!!

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Are you talking about the same poll that Vicki RN has up? Perhaps if you could provide a link here to the proper place and give a synopsis of the bill instead of having us read thru a lot of boring legislation. I tried to view the first link and it gave me a headache with the huge bold lettering. Sorry, I can't help you with your project if I don't have more information in a user friendly format.

I also doubt that many nurses who don't know what the act entails are going to vote anyway as you suggested. Most of us are pretty honest that way.


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Just FYI: I asked for people to vote, not to lie, but to admit that you don't know anything about the act which shows that there is not alot of education out there for the average person. Medicare supposedly has a big media campaign out there and not alot of my senior patients even know what this act is and how it might help them. Thanks!

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So are you going to post the link?


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The Medicare site at is helpful. If you scroll down you can jump on its description of the Medicare prescription drug, improvement and modernization act of 2003. Thanks.


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I think z's playa was referring to the link to your poll. I went to the Nursing Activism/Politics forum and did not find it.


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Hey there.

Went to the link you suggested and still got the same long explanation. I know you want to do a poll to see if anyone knows about it, but it would be helpful for you to post what you know and think about it. You might get more response.

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Hey thanks for trying. I'm so exhausted with all this research. You think you are having a hard time understanding this bill can you imagine what an 80 year old is going to do. What it comes down to is that in January 2006 Medicare beneficiaries will be able to voluntarily enroll in a drug discount program. They pick a drug plan (pharmaceutical co.) that gives them the best quote on their meds; they pay $35/month premium;$250 deductible and get 75% of meds paid for up to approx. $2500. After that they have to pay out of pocket for the next approx. $2500. When they meet that, Medicare will pay 95% of their drug expenses, enrollee pays approx. $2 and $3 copays. Problem is that gap in coverage "the donut hole". There is so much more to this plan that I can't even begin to explain. I think it sounds good but for the people with really high drug bills that gap is going to hit them hard. This program is really geared toward low low income people who could possibly be eligible for more savings and almost no out of pocket expense.


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Where's the poll? I can't find it to vote.

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IS there a poll or do you just want us to say whether we know anything about the topic? I think its pretty safe to say in your project that most people don't know anything about it don't you? :)

Thanks for explaining it though.


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The poll is on the Nursing Activism and Politics Forum. I think its falling way down the line it says Medicare Modernization Act. Thanks and yes it does sound like most people don't know alot about it. Yes that info will go into my paper, I'll keep watching the poll to update numbers. Thanks for everyones help.:)

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