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  1. Capella University????

    Thanks so much. They actually have a new Nsg Education specialization that I will be starting. I'm getting ready to go to my first colloquium in VA. I appreciate the tips toward dissertation phase. I have a few areas in mind that I would like to do m...
  2. Capella University????

    Thanks so much for the information. It makes me feel better that someone out there at least knows of a happy customer. Have a good weekend!:wink2:
  3. Capella University????

    Thanks so much! Is she a PhD student? I really like the idea of this program and want to start ASAP. Is she on allnurse so I can ask her a few questions? ---geri:nurse:
  4. Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    Graduated 2000. Went on for my MSN. Presently working as an Assistant Prof of Nsg at a state univ. Specialty Geriatric and Community Health Nursing.---Geri:nurse:
  5. Capella University????

    Looking for information on Capella University. I am very interested in their PhD:Nsg Education program. Has anyone graduated from or in the process of taking courses at Capella? I received my BS online f/b MSN in a traditional setting. Thanks!
  6. Should I make the move?

    OHHH!Yes!! I got the job:lol2: I am so excited. They called today and offered me the position. I think this is one of my better moves I have taken for my career. Thanks for all your support. YEAH!
  7. adding to doctors orders... legal or not?

    I had a state reviewer tell me to add new orders to existing MD orders (assisted living). Of course I asked if this was the right thing to do and he said yes. It still freaks me out to write on an existing order. We have service plans similar to h...
  8. Should I make the move?

    Hi everybody. I went for my interview today, it went well. I really want this job. The professor I met with was really nice, sort of questioned why I would want a job like this one b/c of the mgmt position I have now (more in re: to money). It tu...
  9. Should I make the move?

    Hi everybody. Need your opinion on something. I will be interviewing for a part time position as a university assistant in a nsg. dept. (helping with clinical placements, questions re program etc). It sounds like something I would really enjoy. Pr...
  10. How would you handle this?

    Two words: Fire Her! From the looks of it she would have already received 3 written warnings (check your policy on this) and would have been fired at my facility. It is unacceptable behavior. Especially when you are working in an assisted living ...
  11. Help: I want to teach but not clinical nursing!!

    Thanks everyone for your input. I have time to think about all this so we will see what happens. It can't hurt to have an MSN whatever direction I head. I do like the idea of teaching community health. I'll just keep on with the educator track and ...
  12. Help: I want to teach but not clinical nursing!!

    Hi! Thanks for your response. I work in community health and can't imagine working on a med/surg floor now, let alone with students. Do you have any advice on other academic areas I could get into and teach with my medical background? I am in a MS...
  13. Hello everyone! I need some advice. I want to teach but not necessarily clinical nursing. I am uncomfortable with hands on nursing but love working and teaching nurses (regulations/policy/procedure). I have the experience to give great advice on...
  14. Fear of Nursing and Bedside Care

    Hi: I've been a nurse for about 12 years and I can't stand hands on, bedside care. I hate the responsibility that goes with it, the feeling you have to know everything. To this day I hate giving injections. I don't want to wash anyone up. Do I sou...
  15. Thinking about Grad School for Staff Dev.

    What other college courses can be taught if you have a MSN? Am I only able to teach nursing oriented courses? What do other professors have for credentials within their speciality? The reason I ask is that I've been noticing alot of health science...