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I recently graduated from a BSN nursing program and it took me almost a month to get a job because my boss was giving me the run around, which was really ridiculous and long story. Just know she really slapped me in the face metaphorically and screwed me oer some opportunities. But she finally hired me. I was so excited because I had been so desperate for a job. I had been job hunting for a while before I got my license and after which was about 1.5- 2 months. But soon after I accepted the job offer I got two other interviews and they also offered me the job. I really want to stay on my unit but it didn't help that my boss was giving me the run around. Another thing is my husband and I plan to move in a year so I would need more experience than a post partum unit.

The offer I got at another hospital is a Med/Surg unit and I thought that would help me for my future plans when I look for another job. Because everywhere wants Med/Surg experience.

Therefore my dilemma is right now I am orienting but will need to start the Med/Surg job the end of this month. I can't decide whether to give a 2 week notice or a few days that I will be quitting? Because she could just tell me to leave immediately and I would not have any pay this month. I don't know what to say to my boss because when she hired me I told her I really wanted the job and that is where I wanted to be (only because my friends I made there and I was desperate) but something better came along. Now I fear she will burn me with her fire eyes. Please help!!!:crying2:

You should always give a formal two weeks notice. For your own sake. What sort of facility are you working at now?

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You need to give proper notice.

To Brandon, I work at a hospital. I want to give my two week notice but I am afraid she'll make me leave immediately. I still want to continue through the orientation to keep learning but my boss is "super unique" never know what she is going to do???

to brandon, i work at a hospital. i want to give my two week notice but i am afraid she'll make me leave immediately. i still want to continue through the orientation to keep learning but my boss is "super unique" never know what she is going to do???

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Check your policy, several hospitals I worked at required a 4 weeks notice. Never burn bridges, you never know when you may need/want to go back. The only thing you can do is give your notice and supply HR with a copy also. You manager may or may not let you work out your notice. Either way, you did the right thing.

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If you are still on orientation, chances are they will ask you to leave immediately.

Why would they continue to pay you (and your preceptor) when they gain nothing. You are not actually an asset at this point, but you are costing them money.

The decision is up to you on what floor you think is more valuable, but Med-surg isn't the golden key into the specialty of choice anymore....

I would think very carefully before you make a move.

To LaughingRN- What do you mean Med/Surg isn't the golden key into the speciality of choice anymore?

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If you are OK where you are, I would stay there. I wouldn't scr** your current boss and then turn around and take another job that you know you were not going to stay in long term. That would be 2 strikes against you -- a lousy way to start a career. If your current job is OK, stay there and develop your skills. Leaving after a year won't look so bad because it was a continuation of the job you had before graduation.

Also, ALWAYS give proper notice unless there is some extraordinary circumstance not to.

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I kind of agree with the replies...not matter how they (bosses) behave, always leave with your head high and your right foot out the door - it is indeed a small world. I just go laid off from a job of almost 25 years (not nursing, but doctors office) and I left the office with grace; though I was shocked.

I say stay there for now, since you are moving anyway in one year....besides, sometimes you can float to other units, no? I am not sure if you get to float only after you have mastered your unit, but offering to float as a way of helping your facility makes you not only look good but also benefit you in sharpening your skills.

I know I have no nursing experience, I just hope that my advise makes some sense. I welcome corrections.

Good luck.

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