Please help! Under investigation for the first time and scared

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I am being investigated by the BON for a complaint on me for diversion that I did not do! I am trying to wrap my head around this all still, but I have just been contacted by an investigator over the phone two days ago. I told him everything I knew about the lack of counting the narcs at the facility I worked for, how keys were left in a drawer unlocked to the narcs, etc. (I know I need a lawyer I just can't afford one right now.) but I told him the straight truth that I did not divert meds and answered any questions he had regarding the way meds were handled there. I didn't blame anyone else, just simply tried to cooperate so they could find who is really diverting from there.

Anyways, I called today regarding my appointment to give my testimony under oath. He told me there was no need to come in that there was nothing else they needed from me regarding the case at this time. I offered to comply with anything they needed (drug test, interviews, anything cause I have nothing to hide! Just want my name cleared!) and he said they didn't need anything further at this time from me. Does this mean i am still just in the dark or they are doing other things? Any help or advice would be great thanks!

Side note I was never drug tested by my employer, I had quit before all this happened and I guess the timing was bad so they pointed fingers at me! There is no evidence against me, only that somebody at my old work turned me in for this and I have no idea why.

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I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I don't have much advice except I would go to your nearest lab TODAY and get a drug test.

I really think you need a lawyer but I understand the situation about not being able to afford one. I couldn't either.

I hope everything works out for you and keep posting here if you have any other questions I've gotten some great advice from this forum

I would agree that having a clean hair drug test ASAP to tuck in your back pocket, just in case, would be helpful. It won't stop them from trying to accuse you of selling whatever they accused you of diverting, but it may help stop them from thinking you have a substance abuse problem. It's hard to say what the outcome will be. But any positive evidence that you have in your corner can't hurt. Good luck to you.

Thank you both so much for responding so quick and reading my long post! Lol I think I will go do the drug test just to cover my butt. I always was sure to be careful when documenting and always had another nurse with me when wasting, etc. I just pray this didn't fall onto me especially when there's no evidence I even did anything wrong! It just seems so unfair if so ):

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I would get a hair test ASAP. Repeat it in a month if the investigation is still ongoing.

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