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4 weeks ago I had a needlestick after lancet fingerstick. The patient was tested and had +hepC. Since that time I feel sick. Mentally, anxiety and constant nausea. I cry every second. can't function. My doctor said that he will do blood tests in 6 week. Meanwhile, while waiting I am crying, nauseaus and started to feel slight pain in my neck lympthnodes. Can it be psycological? Did anyone was in the same situation? Please help with sharing your experience. Thanks.


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I had a needlestick a few years ago so I can understand your angst. I worried for weeks, waiting for the tests. Wondering what I will do if I end up with AIDS. All of my time was spent wondering about the results. I suggest getting out and doing something that uses your whole mind, like scrapbooking. Don't laugh, it worked for me.

I don't know how I would react if I knew the pt. had hepatitis C. What's the lifespan of it once it's out of the body? And you said it was a lancet, as in what you use to get a blood sugar? That's scary because we are told to throw them in the trash, not in the biohazard box.

Are you having any cold or flu symptoms? I will be praying for you and praying that those tests are negative. Is there anyone at work or at home that you can go to? Always remember that we are here to help each other. Lots of nurses have been in this situation and can offer better advice than I.


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Thanks for your response

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If you are positive on hep c it is very treatable with many different drugs. My husband of 20 yrs has hep c he caught it in the 70's he has had a transplant but the fact is he is still here This may not be the answer you want but the one point I do want to let you know is I don't have hep c and I have lived with this man for over 20 yrs and I haven't really taken hard core precautions

Just be careful and relax

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Aw, I'm so sorry, this is scary. Yes, it could be psychological but it could also be the flu. Keep in mind that Hep C is treatable and has a good outcome, okay?


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I was stuck with a needle after giving an IM. The patient was positive for Hep A and C. I was worried, but talked to a doc friend and he said he had not only been stuck, but had also been cut with a scalpel and was fine. The unknown is very scary, but the probablity of contracting something is small. I have tested fine. I also believe in taking excelent quality nutritional supplements to better my immune system. After getting stuck I increased (dramatically) my daily amounts of CoQ10, grapeseed extract and Vitamin C. All of these are antioxidents and help the cells in different ways. I remained on increased levels for 6 weeks--just in case I had gotten anything in the needle stick, but like I said, I am fine.

I agree with a previous poster. The more you immerse yourself in other activities the less time you have to dwell on the unlikely scenario that you will test positive. Find a new hobby or spend more time on something you already love to do.


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Thank you for all your responses and advises. It helps a lot.

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