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JRapha'sRN has 6 years experience and specializes in med/surg, rural, ER.

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  1. JRapha'sRN


    I took a travel assignment in MT. I loved it. I extended 3x then bought a house and moved. It is beautiful here.
  2. JRapha'sRN

    What do you do to make extra money?

    I've got a network marketing business. I help others get healthy while making extra money! It's great because even when I'm not working with that business I still make money on stuff I've done in the past.
  3. JRapha'sRN

    Stupidest reason to go to ER

    had someone come in by ambulance for verbal assault!!
  4. JRapha'sRN

    ER Nurses Week-What's everyone doing?

    We had a "celebration"... It was mandatory. It was a 5 hour long meeting about what we need to do better in our ED. Not really a celebration. (But they did say "happy ER nurses week")
  5. JRapha'sRN

    phone calls no outsider would believe

    "umm, I just saw on the news that some peanut butter tested positive for salmonella, should my family come to the ER?" me, "is anyone sick" potential patient, "no, but my husband might have been a few days ago, and he ate some peanut butter." I referred them to the health department... (after assuring them that the ER is open 24/7 and we don't turn anyone away and all that legal CYA stuff)
  6. JRapha'sRN

    license to breed

    Last week in our ED we had a call for a patient transfer from a smaller hospital. Someone put Pine-Sol in a milk jug. Later that night someone filled the baby's bottle with the "milk" and fed them 6-8 oz of pine-sol!!!! I was gone by the time the baby arrived to the hospital, so I'm not sure how the baby did. Yup, there should be a test or something before you are allowed to have a child!
  7. JRapha'sRN

    ER RN and Pregnant

    Congratulations! I know that in my ER the other staff members are very protective of my baby (and my at-times-queasy stomach) and will tell me not to take certain patients. I hope that you are cared for in this way as well. We have an x-ray machine in our trauma bay and I have begun to try not to take the major trauma pts going into that room. If I've already had the chickenpox I'm ok to be around others with it, right? I thought it's only pregnant women who haven't had it that have to be careful.
  8. JRapha'sRN

    Best Thanksgiving Complaints

    I was wondering if anyone had some great Thanksgiving CCs. I'm not talking about the positive suitcase sign grandma dropoffs, or the heartburn CP, or the drunks or the family related anxiety, but the ones actually related to the turkey or pies or that made you smile. I had one last evening. 80+ yo came in due to "startled when pie dropped on foot causing her to jump then fall onto her R knee; now has a lac" :) Have a great Thanksgiving!
  9. JRapha'sRN


    For those of you looking to get your feet wet (even students or those not in nursing school yet) check out Medical Ministry International http://www.mmint.org/ This is not long term medical missions, but short term. They have many types of trips. In addition to those that were previously mentioned (need OR experience...) there are also trips that can utilize people willing to work in a clinic setting (taking BP, helping translate, help do health education) or learn to steralize equipment for the OR or even just be outside the hospital/clinic and teach the kids that swarm around about Jesus. There are lots of opportunities for you to go and help, you just need to be willing to work hard. I was a medical missionary for 3 years in Alaska. My cousin is going to Asia for 2+ years. If you want specific information on how we did this, please PM me. For general information you can check out our two organizations: http://www.crossroadmc.org/ http://www.sim.org/ If you aren't busy November 9-11 (and can register by nov 5th) check out the Global Health Missions Conference in Louisville. The website is: https://www.medicalmissions.com/ and has links to many mission organizations. There are many opportunities out there! I know you will find one!
  10. JRapha'sRN

    Short Term Mission Trip

    Those responsible for organizing the trip should know the requirements. I have volunteered with MMI (Medical Ministry International) and found it to be an EXCELENT organization! Those who work in the office know everything about what documentation you neeed. They organize hundreds of trips all over the world each year. http://www.mmint.org is their home page, here is the link to the calendar of current opportunities: http://www.mmint.org/mission_calendar/calendar_of_projects.aspx
  11. JRapha'sRN

    Missing the Dark

    I just wanted to say hi and that I am missing the November Darkness of Alaska! I am in the lower 48 now... I never had to drive into the sunrise after a night shift while I was in AK (at least not in the winter!). Tday, as I drove home and climbed into bed (with the sun lighting up my room) I was dreaming of the sweet darkness that makes sleeping during the day so peaceful. (There aren't any Northern lights here either ) Enjoy the winter!
  12. JRapha'sRN

    Spouses of Travelers

    My husband owns a home business. All he needs to do his job are people to talk to, a phone, our computer and the internet. It is an ideal situation!
  13. JRapha'sRN

    Cell Phone Usage

    In my ER all staff members (MDs, Nurses and Techs) carry phones. These are hospital phones, not personal phones. I do know of some staff members who call home at the begining of the shift and let their family know what phone # they have for the shift in case of emergency. These phones are useful for getting ahold of people instead of searching and searching.
  14. JRapha'sRN

    Millionaires on nursing salaries

    Food For Thought, How much will it cost you to eat during retirement? 3 x a day @ $5.00 per meal X 365 days x 20 years = $163,000.00 just to eat! Don't under estimate your retirement needs. (Not to mention what it will cost to eat UNTIL you retire!) My husband and I are learning to live on a budget, trying to pay off all our debt and start saving to retire--thankfully we have 35 years to go! We would like to be millionaires, but getting out of debt is step #1!
  15. JRapha'sRN

    What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    Although long, this thread is great! I have to agree with everyone who went into nursing for the calling, but use my calling to make a living! Here's a question... does it really matter what you make as the average person spends 110% of their income? I have known people in poverty as well as a millionare who lived this out! Crazy! Currently I am a travel nurse, ER specialty, 5 years experience, the last 2 contracts (one in the west and one in the east) have both paid about the same. I make approx 1700 net every 2 weeks.
  16. JRapha'sRN

    Hello and Please Help Me!!!!

    If you PM me with your address I can send you a copy of our trauma flow sheet. We use computer charting for most things, but paper for traumas. We use a three page spread that is very comprehensive. Let me know if you want me to mail you a copy. Good luck!