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  1. JRapha'sRN


    I took a travel assignment in MT. I loved it. I extended 3x then bought a house and moved. It is beautiful here.
  2. JRapha'sRN

    Moving from tiny ER to a Level II

    Take comfort in your experience but don't dwell on it. By dwell on it I mean constantly say, "back at xx ER I used to..." Be eager to learn the flow of your new ER and the policies and procedures that may differ from where you just were. Relax, though, the patients and families stay the same regardless of where you are.
  3. JRapha'sRN

    Silliest thing you ever did after a long shift...

    I had one of those mornings that you have to stay awake for a few hours before an appt. I had just bought fabric for a new quilt and thought, "how hard can it be to cut rectangles?" Well, I cut everything nice and straight, but the next day realized that I had reversed the colors. Another caution to all of you (us) sleepy night shift nurses. My husband went on an ambulance run one morning and saw our friend's van in the ditch, but couldn't recognize our friend due to his injuries. He ended up alive but with a halo and lots of broken bones as well as a 7 inch lac that exposed his skull. He had worked night shift that night and fell asleep during his 15 minute drive. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!
  4. JRapha'sRN

    What do you do to make extra money?

    I've got a network marketing business. I help others get healthy while making extra money! It's great because even when I'm not working with that business I still make money on stuff I've done in the past.
  5. JRapha'sRN

    Stupidest reason to go to ER

    had someone come in by ambulance for verbal assault!!
  6. JRapha'sRN

    ER Nurses Week-What's everyone doing?

    We had a "celebration"... It was mandatory. It was a 5 hour long meeting about what we need to do better in our ED. Not really a celebration. (But they did say "happy ER nurses week")
  7. JRapha'sRN

    Core Medical??????

    I worked with them and never had any problems. Always paid on time and followed through with commitments. I think in the end it all comes down to your recruiter, regardless of the company.
  8. JRapha'sRN

    Tis the season for new docs

    great response!
  9. JRapha'sRN

    National Slap Your Co-worker Day, a joke

    :rotfl::roll:D I'd hate to see any of them later on that week...
  10. JRapha'sRN

    Real tips for patients

    since my water broke right after I climbed into bed and then my labor was so long, I was going on 45 hours of being awake by the time I finally could go to bed. We posted a note in the ER giving all the birth updates then requesting no visitors for 8 hours. I was able to sleep for about 5 of those hours... and it was beautiful!
  11. JRapha'sRN

    Real tips for patients

    UPDATE: Thanks for all your kind words of wisdom. I was able to focus on laboring then on my baby rather than worrying about trying to be a "good" pt. My labor was long... water broke at home, then I had 12 hours of walking to get the contractions working harder, then was on pit, then accepted an epidural, then had a c-section... baby boy was born 25.75 hours after my water broke. Now we know that my pelvic bones are too small (his head wasn't the problem, it was me) and all future babies will be c-sections. (baby boy; 6 lbs, 13.9 oz; 20 in long; 14 in hc; head full of hair; long eye-lashes (according to all the L&D nurses); and so adorably cute!) The nurses were amazing throughout my whole labor, recovery and post-partum stay! Thank you for all the care and expertise you offer to your patients!
  12. JRapha'sRN

    Billing's NICUs

    I work in the ER, not NICU, but I'd be happy to answer some general questions. PM me if you want. I live on the "west end" and am in a nice new development; love my neighbors. I am 20 min from the hospitals (although I did it in 12 last week when I went into labor at 0100--I sped and hit all green lights :) ) I am about 10 min from the airport. There are tons of new developments all around Billings if you want new... I think the used market is a little harder to find good houses, but they are around.
  13. JRapha'sRN

    St Elias in Anchorage

    I was wondering the same thing. I received a recruiting postcard from them, but it didn't say much about the facility.
  14. JRapha'sRN

    Real tips for patients

    Thank you for all your kind and helpful replies. I am more at ease now. I will take your advice and be myself and care for the baby. Sounds like the hardest tip to implement will be the one that said don't try to be a "good" patient, for those are sometimes the worst patients. You all had some good tips! Thank you. As far as not letting them know I'm a nurse... too late. :) I've gone into PTL x2 now and it's been while I was at work downstairs in the ER... nothing like going up to L&D with your scrubs on and pockets full of "nurse stuff" (along with your name tag) to declare your profession I also have to call up to L&D frequently when I'm the triage nurse to let them know I'm sending a laboring mom up to them. Based on my two short PTL experiences, I don't think I'll have any problems being a patient or with the nurses, but trapped at home on bedrest for the last 3 weeks, I think I've begun to go a little crazy and start to worry about silly things. :uhoh21: Tomorrow I hit 37 weeks and my Doc said I can quit bedresting and even go back to work for a little bit!! :) Then I'll be rational again :) Thanks again!
  15. JRapha'sRN


    The Morrison's (the MN couple) gave a local TV News station exclusive coverage. On wcco.com I can't tell if they will release new information. the last line of the story about the 3rd baby dying said, "Hospital officials say no further information would be released." I took that to mean no more information related to that baby, but not sure if it means related to the other babies?? Also, in the same article, the parents say: "We continue to trust in the Lord and are hopeful for a good outcome for Cadence, Lucia and Sylas," Which leads me to believe that those three were still alive when the hospital said no more info... I just pray that the parents are doing ok. I can't imagine the post-partum depression combined with the emotions that you would experience with 6 very critical babies and then watching them die one by one.