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Dear wonderful nurses,

I still consider myself a new nurse as I have only graduated in Dec of 2001. I took a job (RPT) in the ward where I did my pre grad and now find myself in a mess. I am so low on self esteem and always feel scared to do something wrong. Not safety wise with my patients in fact, I have never had a patient complaint, I really love working them. Okay here I go. SOME of the women I work with are so mean!:devil: I can hardly believe it. I just want to learn and do a good job. Most have so much to offer in regards to teaching others but they are more inclined to judge you because you don't know. Anyway, I am presently looking for a full time position and I am wondering where I should apply. I have no burning desire to go anywhere specific but I seem to be attracted to the critical care areas. I did try our city's busiest ER....lasted 9 shifts and bailed out. It was so physically draining and emotionally stressful - but as I look back I so wish that I had not left and just tried it a while longer. I believe that I have so much to offer my patients and to the ward where I am destined to work. I am just not sure where I should be? Right now I am worried that I sound like a "loser" but this is me and I just want to find some place to start a long and healthy, full time career. Please give me your suggestions and comments, even if they are not all smiles and hugs. Thank you so much for your time in reading this.


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First of all, don't worry about attitudes of the "mean" women you work with. Take it with a grain of salt as I have learned to do. People like this have their own issues and take it out on others, especially new or less experienced nurses. They have power issues! Secondly, if you are interested in critical care, but not quite ready for it, as it sounds from your post, why don't you try med-surg so you can get comfortable with your skills and build your self confidence. (Is RPT like med-surg? I don't know what it is). Do you still communicate with others from your nursing proram? Maybe they can offer some advice as to where they work, if it was a good orientation, what the people are like, etc. I'm having a hard time finding what's right for me too, but we have to start somewhere! Eventually you'll find your way as you seem like a compassionate, motivated person with a lot to offer the profession of nursing. Good luck!

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I agree on the post. Ignore the meanies they are everywhere in all fields. Screw em. You don't have to win them over, it is their problem.

I don't know what RPT is either?



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I ditto what renerian said!


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Thank you so much for your replies.....RPT = Regular Part Time.

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"Want to find someplace to start a long and healthy career."

I don't know about Canada, but lots of nurses here move around a lot.

I've never heard anyone say they just wanted to find a permanent home/job base. ....but I guess people do.

Exactly how many months experience do you have as a nurse?

You will get over the feeling of being scared you will do something wrong....with experience. And, with nursing, even if

you do do something wrong, just tell your charge nurse.

There are very very very few mistakes that cannot be corrected.

We all make mistakes- - and seek assistance and go back & amend the error.

Just try not to drop the babies - - thats' a tough one ! LOL !

Other than that , Most things aren't a big deal.

Oh yeah, IF you don't know how to do something, ASK FIRST...

It really ticks off the nurses if you proceed without knowing for

sure, screw up and THEN ask for help. It is so much easier to not

have to redo after the damage is done.

Experienced nurses also run into unexpected things with patients.

I'll be getting ready to do something and run into something I didn't expect. I'll tell the patient, "I'll be back in a minute. I want to get one of the other nurses to look at this."

Then the other nurse or two comes in and I tell them what I planned to do, and what the situation is and ask them "what do you think?" And we confer and consult right there with the patient. "

With procedures, bring EVERYTHING with you BEFORE you begin. This requires mentally going thru the procedure prior to entering the patients' room and knowing everything you will need. No running in & out of the patients room 1/2 dozen times to do one procedure. That makes the nurses think you aren't


I I were you,

I'd work on my self-esteem instead of longing/searching for a job-for-life.

Were you working as a nurses' aide prior to becoming a nurse?

Some previous aides have a problem metamorphosing into

nurses and accepting the responsibilities.

Try to learn one thing really well each shift. Look it up on the computer when you get home. Discuss it with the doctor when he looks like he is not too busy. Ask questions of lab people and resp. people, "pick their brains."

With knowledge comes increased self-esteem. List the things you do well and achieve,...start a daily journal and write 2-3 lines in it,,,, you'll then, in a year, be able to SEE your progress.

Also, You know things that some of your older co-workers do not.

I am an experienced nurse. Every year about this time, the new grads arrive. Yeah, some of the time they are a pain in the butt, my pet peeve is when they ask the same question every day for a week, or 3-4 times in one day.....

BUT, I love their freshness, their new knowledge, their open ness, and willingness to assist, willingness to explain to us

older workers why they document something different than we do,

"Oh , it's the NEW way, a study was done and it showed that .._______ _ _ _ ___ ___ ___ etc."

Sorry this turned into a book, just listing the things I did that helped me along the way....good luck..


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I think all hospitals and most floors have some nasty nurses, for most of them the problem has to do with them, and NOT you. It is great that you are concerned about your care, it shows that you are about the type of care you are giving, Great! I was in a hospital on a floor like you described for my fist few years. I recently switched and have an outlook i didnt even have about my workplace when I first started after nursing school(Ped hospital) No matter where you go, the same personality types willl always be present. Hoever, I think it is very possible to find a job or hospital you love. Latch on to people you get along with, find your nitch

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Life's too short to work with a pack of meanies. When the meanies and negative workers outnumbered the positive one's I moved on to another department within the same hospital and found a great place. You can ignore them, but at what cost to your emotional and physical health? Only you can decide.

Best wishes.

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Good advice. Thanks for your PM nurse 1975.

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I agree with passing thru in that you would do well to work on the self esteem issues first. It is sad, but there will always be those out there, be they docs or nurse peers that go for the jugular of those who don't have confidence. Merely ignoring them is very hard to do. Perhaps if you take a job in a setting that is not so demanding you will see just how good you really are; a busy ED is not the best place for you until you have some self assurance behind you. In the meantime, when you have the choice, surround yourself with supportive people and refuse to hang with those who make you feel less than, as they are the real losers.

Also, people often unconciously give themselves messages that are harmful to their esteem. Have you ever caught yourself calling yourself stupid for something you may have done "wrong"? These kinds of negative self dirrected messages are very damning and you need to change these kinds of scripts if they exist. Be kind to yourself first and foremost!


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Originally posted by charissa I think all hospitals and most floors have some nasty nurses, for most of them the problem has to do with them, and NOT you. [/b]

I believe this is the truth. Do what you feel is right and try to ignore the meanies. At some point you will feel comfortable enough to confront them. But until then hang in there:)

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